A life thing

“It is a life thing.”

I said this to someone today. Lol 

She accused me of not hanging out and I replied “Babe! You wouldn’t understand. It is a life thing you know, Life is just happening.”

Yeah life is just happening! I can’t begin to tell you all the ‘life happenings’ but hey! everyone has a ‘life something’ going on too and mine doesn’t make yours less important.

It’s easy to judge people, until it is your turn and you’ll just realize you really hate socializing sometimes,

Or that your clothes are getting tighter in ways you don’t want,

Or that the money you once thought was everything you needed is not even enough anymore. It’s never enough.

It is a life thing.

Humans are insatiable. 

But I think it is life itself that is insatiable.

Life just keeps wanting more!

More of your time 

More of your money 


Your health


Your sanity

And eventually your life

Yes! Life wants your life. 

Life just keeps taking and taking. It is a wonder we still want to live longer.
It is a wonder we still wake up every morning and fight for something even though we know that thing is only going to bring temporary happiness. 

It is a life thing I guess.