All season


In seasons by hillsong, we were described as seeds in the winter.

The question is can a seed grow in winter? maybe and that’s for dormant seeding (used for planting grasses and a few produce )

but from my little knowledge in agriculture, a seed needs condusive conditions for growth ie sunlight, water, oxygen, minerals etc
The truth is our God is a God of all seasons and yes it doesn’t have to be summer or autum or spring before he can plant you on the right part or make you grow. He can do it even in terrible conditions because he can turn your night to day, sorrows to joy, poverty to abundance and your hardened heart to soft acceptable ones. All through his word.


I have found hope in Christ.
On my bad days, which I believe we all have, I am assured by his words and his unbreakable promises for me. That keeps me going, knowing that he will never break his word.

I wonder how people without Christ feel?
What do they hope in when everything falls apart?