As the early morning smoke began to clear, Biodun was up and about to set out for the day’s work. He stood there in front of the wide mahogany framed mirror and knotted his tie into perfection. Each time he knotted his tie, his mind travelled back to when he was in boarding school and he was ceaselessly beaten for a bad knot. He had to be perfect at it. He looked down at his watch

“Already running late to beat the traffic” he said aloud and was out for the busy day.  

As he drove out of his estate, the already gathered clouds became thick with rain and that prompted him to increase his speed. Sooner than expected the down pour came softly, steadily increasing and thunder flashed afar of. Biodun looked at his rear mirror and as soon as he turned his focus back to the road, an elderly woman dashed into the road in search of shelter probably at the other side of the road which was populated with bars and little provision store. He applied the brakes quickly enough to narrowly by pass the woman who had fallen in fear of the near accident.

“Ow shit!” Biodun exclaimed as he brought the car to a stop and ran out to help the woman. The old woman who seemed to be in her late sixties probably seventy gazed at him with her weary eyes and Biodun took pity on her and quickly got her out of the rain into the comfort of his Toyota Aventis 2012 edition. He turned off the air conditioning and adjusted the rear mirror he pushed in attempt to jump out of the car

“You just tell me where you want to go to and I would drop you off ma’am.” he said In a very polite manner.

“ Esh`e gon my son, just drop me off at Ikeja bus stop and I will be satisfied” the Yoruba woman called from the back sit of the car

“Will you be okay there?”

“Yes my son”

He turned the ignition and the cool start of the engine barely audible, came on.

The rest of the journey was quite, too quite to bear and so he turned up the radio system with the volume turned down to almost a whisper. On a normal day, Biodun would be listening to cold play on the highest volume but today, he didn’t want to upset the poor old lady. 

“May God help this country? The politics is becoming unbearable. The poor are been oppressed and the rich are still getting enriched. GOD!”

“I tell you ma, but what can the public do? Any protest or complaint from the people will be drowned no sooner than they came up”

“Pensions haven’t been paid and my husband is a victim of such cruelty. I mean he served the government almost all his life and what was his reward? Nothing!

“hmmmmm!” was his reply because he  didn’t know how else to communicate with this woman so he hoped that Ikeja bus stop would appear.

‘We must hope ma. Thing will get better for Nigeria.

 He pulled the car to, at a sign post that indicated Ikeja bus stop and a couple of people, young, old, working class, hawkers were clustered in the little shade provided.

‘Thank you so much my son, May the good Lord bless you and prosper you, you won’t lack in this life and may you continue to make your parents proud. May the God I serve give you a good wife and wonderful children” she said getting out of the car

“Thank you ma” Biodun replied with a curly smile

“may God give you peace of mind and an everlasting joy that comes from above”

“Thank you ma!”

He was of on the road again, alone this time and the words of the old woman ran through his mind especially the last sentence- “may God give you peace of mind and an everlasting joy that comes from above

“Peace?” joy from above?? “He shrugged.  All that made little sense to him.

He changed the music to a soft track by Coldplay and had the volume up.

“A new day” he said to himself looking at the sun rise to take its place.






8 thoughts on “DISPIRITED

  1. Oooh wat an unexpected break frm d story,just when I was starting to enjoy it. Gracie has turned to chiamanda adichie*op am ryt* am anxiously looking for the part two of this article. Mpre grease to your elbow sis

  2. Wow!!! nice one keep it up and don’t relent. Am expecting the next chapter as soon as possible. But i have a suggestion, please at the end of each chapter of the subsequent ones to come create some suspense. NICE WORK KEEP IT UP.

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