“The last goal was on point” victor said with so much excitement holding his second bottle of beer up

“I tell you, it was the highlight of my Sunday.” Deji murmured amidst chewing the piece of roasted meat (suya) he had just put in his mouth. They were out at their usual joint talking and drinking, all three of them.

Biodun spoke less today, and he looked stressed as well.

Bro, what’s up with you tonight? Victor said pointing his drink at Biodun.

“Nothing guy! Just tired, had a bad day, with the bore of a boss”

 They all laughed except Biodun who just gave a weary smile. He got up, grabbed his coat and began to leave. “I will see you guys next week, same time. “

As he drove back to his estate in the late of the night, he had a lot on his mind and he was weighed down with stress and a little bit tipsy from all the drinking. He was yet to turn the music on to keep himself focused when a truck ran into his side of the car and he blacked out…



White… everywhere was bright. Could he be in heaven? If he was then he would have laughed his lungs out. Soon, his view was steady and he realized he was in the hospital. He tried to get up but a nurse held him back down and called for the doctor, who rushed in

“Wow! you are up. I didn’t expect such quick recovery. I must say you are blessed indeed and favored by God to be alive.  A truck ran into you and barely 1% of people who are involved in such accident survive and most importantly you have regained consciousness in less than 48 hours which I have never seen happen after such accident.”

He only gave the doctor a half smile and asked when he would be discharged.

“We would run another check up on you and if the results are positive, you would be out by noon tomorrow.”

Okay, thank you doctor!”


He was all alone in his ward, thinking! This was the fifth accident he had in a gap of one month. Why? Why were the accident occurrences consistent in similar manner? This particular one was the worst and he actually thought for a moment that he had passed on. Had his friends bother to check him? What about his family? He hadn’t been in such great terms with them especially as the last talk he had with his dad ended on a bad note. His sisters? No! He hadn’t checked on them in the past 5months. Hmmm!

His phone shattered the silence in his ward and he reached for it on the table beside him. It was his dad. A part of him was happy to receive a call but that happiness was swallowed by the hate he had built up for years. He picked up the call and put the phone to his ears.

“Biodun! He heard his dad’s strong but elderly voice. “I heard you had an accident! I have called you severally to no avail, I hope you are okay”

After what seemed to be a minute of silence he answered

“I am fine dad” how are you and how is aunty?

“We are all fine. I hope you have eaten something?”

“I said I am fine dad!!!!” he replied bluntly with an edge if anger.

“Okay, do you have someone to pick you up from the hospital?” his dad became persistent and it irritated Biodun the more. He could feel rage, but he simple replied

“Again I said I am fine dad.”

“If you say so son, take good care of yourself may the Lord continue to protect you”

Without responding to the prayer, Biodun cut the call.


Why had he spoken to his dad like that? He was only trying to show love and concern  him. Biodun was bitter but he couldn’t just break out of the hard shell he had over his heart. Why? What went wrong?  The thought of what the doctor said about God saving his life was just insane. There was no God, there has never been one, and there won’t be. It was all rubbish, insane believe that Christians had. Oh well he believed none of that. Yes he believed in science, yes he believed in knowledge but not religion. He thought of his dad’s last call, rage ran through his body and his bandaged fist shook. Why did he have so much rage and hatred for God and his dad who had done nothing less than love him? why?



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