The sun was high in the sky; will this weather get any better? Susan had arrived the private hospital at noon the next day, she was never late for an appointment and meeting Biodun wasn’t an occasion to be late for.

“Sign here miss” the nurse had instructed, when she reached the reception desk.


“And here” she added pulling out another document from a stack file.

“Done” Susan said with a gentle smile.

 Susan was Biodun’s closest friend. She had always stood by him right from their university days when they met. She was slim and sleek, beautiful, with dark brown eyes; she was graced with long straight legs which looked perfect with the brown suit skirt she wore, and her smile was so charming to send butterflies in any man’s heart.

 She really liked Biodun, maybe even loved him more. She would sacrifice anything for him and she knew she had a special place in his heart for that.

“Okay, can I go pick up his few belongings from the ward?” she asked the kind nurse

“Definitely, it’s the third room on the second floor.”

“Thank you”

 She walked down the hall towards the elevator with easy strides, as she looked up and down of the private hospital, been very well aware of her environment. She stepped into the now empty elevator, cleared her throat and pressed the floor button, shifting uneasily.

 Susan had a hard time staying more than 10mintues in the hospital, since the last visit which was more horrible than she imagined it. She had been involved in a ghastly accident with her colleagues who weren’t as lucky as she was. She narrowly escaped with a broken arm and few injuries because she was belt up at the back of the official bus unlike her two other colleagues who died later at the hospital, this same hospital. It was a big blow to the company and to her personally. Walking down these corridors only brought the awful incidence to light in her mind and she was quick to erode the memory with her excitement to see Biodun.

“Hello handsome” susan said stepping into the private ward, and lighting the room with her cheerful voice

“Hey gorgeous” biodun planted a kiss on her forehead as she leaned over to hug him at his lying position.

“Did u miss me?” he asked with a weak smile

“Hmmm…  Naaa! I don’t think so. You have been so stubborn, and how many time did I tell you to stop drinking” Susan was now standing and glaring at biodun.

“Sweet thing, he said reaching for her hands. You can’t tell a guy to stop drinking.”

He was mocking her and she knew it. Don’t tell me that. Thank God for your life, I will not mourn my friend. You have to follow me to church on Sunday to testify you know this is the fifth accident you have survived. Really you can’t be so ungrateful to thank God.

“Susan please, not again with this talk. It’s the least I need now. By the way I told you before there is no such thing as God. If there was, then I don’t believe in him or her or whoever it is, male or female okay.”

Susan would have been shocked to hear him say this but simply because it wasn’t the first time she heard him say this, all she could do was to remain silent about it for the time been.

“I am praying for you biodun that God will touch your heart and believe me he will.”

“Don’t hold your breath love. Are we leaving or are we going to sleep over this discussion?”

She glared at him and stomped out of the room.

The journey to Biodun’s house on the island seemed unending as they rode in silence. Biodun knew she was upset, she was always upset each time they had the “God conversation” but there was nothing he could do about it. Even if there was, he was adamant to doing it. He starred at her as she drove, eyes fixed on the road. Pimples of sweat appeared on her forehead not because of the hot weather, no! The air conditioning was on. She was fighting the pain of losing her best friend to the devil. Biodun hated seeing her this way, it hurt him so much because he loved her beyond words could describe, he could die for her, and she was his sister, his friend, his mother, his life. He wanted to make her his, yes he really wanted to but he couldn’t bring himself to telling her his true feelings. How would she take it? Probably he was just a friend to her and no romantic feelings attached. It would ruin their friendship if he did and he couldn’t risk it for anything in this world. His gaze fell on her slim wrist which was balanced on the wheel of the car and immediately he caught the ring on her finger.  “What?” he was screaming on the inside? SHE IS ENGAGED???


 To be continued…. 😀 



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