DISPIRITED (Chapter 5)

Biodun’s mind was spinning. Susan was engaged and he didn’t know about it? How did that happen? And who was that guy? He couldn’t take it, knowing it was the wrong time to bring up such conversation.

“What’s the ring for?”

Susan glanced at him and returned her eyes to the road.

“what else does a ring do on a lady’s finger” she replied him

“Okay so who is the man? I am shocked you didn’t tell me anything about coming advances let alone a proposal. His voice was getting high; he was letting his guards down.

“Hey, you’re not my father you know or my husband so don’t you raise your voice at me Mr.”

“Fine” he was glad they and arrived his house because the car was too hot for him to sit in, despite the air-conditioning.

“Can I get a glass of water before I leave?” she asked with disgust in her face as she drove into his apartment.

“Sure, it’s your house as well you know”


As soon as she was done drinking the glass of cold water from the dispenser, she grabbed her bag and headed for the door, but Biodun was fast enough to grab her hand and pull her back to himself.

“Am sorry okay, please I can’t stand you being mad at me.”

Susan could not stop her blush and so she laughed.

“Okay, happy? Now can you let me go?”

“Nope! Who gave you the ring?”

“Biodun do you have a problem with me getting married soon?”

‘No I don’t, as long as I know who the man is”

She looked into his eyes and realized that biodun was not going to let her go until she had spoken.

“Okay, fine! No one gave me okay; I saw the ring and liked it so I got it for myself.”

“Silly girl” Biodun was laughing seriously, not because what she said was funny but because he was happy there was no man.

“So now can I go? I have to get back to work; it’s past my lunch break”

“Sure thing, I will let you go, I just missed you so much you know” he pulled her closer to himself, arms around her waist, piercing her with his handsome gaze. Her hands on his broad chest went cold because she knew what was next. He was going to kiss her and she wanted him to. She really did, but he hadn’t told her anything.Biodun was a flirt, she just didn’t want to be one of his girls, she wanted to be more special, and most importantly, she couldn’t risk their friendship.

“Nice try Biodun she cut in, as she wriggled herself from his warm grip. I am not falling for your cheap talks and moves alright.”

“Yeah, yeah! You almost did.” He mocked with a hint of victory in his voice.

“Have a nice day Mr.” and with a smile she was out of the door.

“Damn! I love this girl”. There was no disputing he did. Everything was too complicated to make it work. But he knew he would have to face his demons sooner or later. He’d rather choose later.

Meanwhile Susan couldn’t stop herself from smiling in her car as she drove back to the office.

‘ I think Biodun likes me as well, she thought excitedly to herself, and replayed the incidence in his house over again in her mind. She was certain her feelings for him were real because she cared about no other man. It was just him, it was just Biodun.  Her task reminder went off and she took a brief glance at it. It indicated today was her medical appointment which she couldn’t miss this time. She had postponed it for too much a time already, it had to be today. Her boss had spoken to her about the compulsory medical checkup every employee was to take. She was the only one, who hadn’t gone for the medical checkup, and this was the day. She couldn’t risk her boss reminding her about it; Mr. Vincent although friendly did not tolerate being taken for granted.

“I will have to leave him a message at the hospital.”
She coughed and a familiar sharp pain in her chest shot up to her brain and she could barely hold down a scream. The cough was getting worse.

“Glad i am going to the hospital then, I will check it out and probably get medications for them” she thought to herself redirecting towards the hospital.

What’s next????

Watch out for chapter 6… Thanks for reading, feel free to comment, re-post or reblog.. cheers!


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