Biodun’s step-mum had just called him for the fourth time that day. He had heard and seen it ring but he made no move to pick until the last time. She had call to check up on him, his health, his work; she even tried to be familiar by asking about the “Iyawo”.  When all that wasn’t getting to his good side, she had cut the rubbish talk and asked if he had started going to church.

“Aunty, I don’t go to church!”

“okay, but there is a convention coming up in your father’s church, he has invited great men of God including pastor E.A Adeboye and Bishop David Oyedepo. Please try and make it.

“Aunty please, can you…”

“It’s coming up next month, November 29 into 1st December” she said cutting him off.


“please Biodun, ejo, tori olorun” she pleaded in Yoruba to appeal to him better.

“ I am not promising I would, so don’t be disappointed if I don’t”

“no problem, my dear. Take care of yourself, God bless you.” She cut the call.

 Biodun could hear the joy in her voice when he said he wasn’t promising her. Even though he had just said that so that she would cut the phone, there was something nice in her voice when he had said he would try. He knew very well he wasn’t going, there was nothing on this earth that was going to make him go or was there???


He hadn’t spoken to Susan since the day she left his house after dropping him off from the hospital, which was 3weeks ago. Not that he hadn’t tried to reach her, no! He had left messages on her phone, several missed calls to no avail. Now he was very worried. It was not in the habit of Susan to leave him for such a long time without a message, he had to see her. He called her number again and still no response, so he called her office number.

“Good day, this is Miss Susan Apotah’s desk” a light female voice answered.

“Good day, can you put Susan on the phone please?”

“Okay, who is speaking?”

“Biodun, her friend”

Ow! Good day sir” the secretary greeted again. “Am sorry I can’t do that. Miss Susan has been absent from the office for 2weeks now”

“Why?” now Biodun was getting nervous

“I can’t really say sir; maybe you should call her private cell or check her at her apartment”

“Okay thank you” Biodun said in rush to cut the call. Susan hasn’t been to work? He was really worried now. He knew her too well and  Susan wont miss work for anything, back in university; she didn’t miss any class without a good reason like health issues.  What could be the problem? Was she okay? Was she ill? All these ran through his mind as he drove down to her apartment.  He wasn’t concentrating on his driving, the traffic light barely turned green when he sped off.


2 thoughts on “DISPIRITED (CHAPTER 6)

  1. Hmmmm,this is thrilling,what happened when he sped off,I ​​Ʀε̲̣̣̣̥αℓℓγ̲̣̣̥ wanna go,this is ​​Ʀε̲̣̣̣̥αℓℓγ̲̣̣̥ gettin intensed,keep it coming sis

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