Some 11 years ago, a great institution was born, in fulfillment of the mandate given to the founder of the living faith church- Bishop David Oyedepo. History has it that, the main structures of the university were built in seven (7) months after which it immediately opened up its gate to accept the pioneer set. This Institution I am talking about is no other but Covenant University, born on the 21st of October 2002.

I was privileged to be in attendance of its 11th founder’s day service and the chancellor of Bishop David Oyedepo, popularly called “papa” said that at the opening of the institution, he handed the university over to God by lying down flat at the gate, in surrender to God, and from that day till date, Covenant University has moved from one level to another. Covenant University is a city, full of beauty, excellence, opportunities, standard learning infrastructures, qualified and capable lectures and staffs, decent dress code, general comportment and a serene environment for learning and service to God. Indeed the hand of God is evident in Covenant University. Aside the high standard educational training the students receive, they are also imbibed in the culture of spirituality, Discipline, possibility mentality, capacity building, integrity, responsibility, sacrifice, diligence, which are the core values of the university.

 This is just the beginning, covenant university is running with the vision of being among the ten best universities in the world which I must say, it would not be long before this vision is actualized. It is a vision of 1 of 10 in 10; a vision 10- 2022.The world is still yet to see the wonders of God in the university. Get ready, sit back and watch out for Covenant University in the year 2022, you will be amazed. First of all, I will advice everyone gets involved with this university, enroll your children/ ward, key into this great mandate and your life will become a wonder to the world. I am privileged to be a student of this great institution and since I began studying industrial relations and human resource management in Covenant university, I have experienced so many wonderful things I never imagined experiencing. My eyes have been opened to great opportunities, I am ready to explore. My spiritual life has been cater-ported to greater levels and I am not just getting a world class degree, I am also graduating with a great vision that will change the world. This is a training ground for kingdom stars, a place where generational leaders are built, a place where eagles are released into the world. Forget Harvard university, this is a greater Harvard, a better Oxford, a superior Yale University.  This is covenant university Nigeria. www.covenantuniversity.edu.ng

Charmantworld wishes Covenant University a HAPPY 11TH Birthday!!!!!!




  1. Yo-nini I can see U̶̲̥̅̊ are bringing out the journalist in you, U̶̲̥̅̊r speech abt this great college is making me wish I could turn back the hands of time to b part of this great university. Kudous sis,

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