Have you ever longed for something so much you feel you already have it? You can taste it ,you can already feel it but it is not there?  

My dad always told me that children have the strongest hope. If you promise a child a box of cookies when you return, the child will look forward to your return with so much faith and joy that you will bring the cookies. But what will happen if you return without the cookies? Dissapointment!  

As a little child of God, i have trusted God for one big thing. Last year, I was desperate for this year because I was certain the year 2013 will be better than 2012. I was excited for the hour to strike 12am on the 1st of january  and when it did, ow was I glad to shout Happy new year.

It was finally the year I will get from God what I have always prayed for, I was really hopeful. Today I was just thinking  and i must confess I was broken that I have not gotten my answer yet. I was asking questions I Didn’t have answers to but in the end I still lifted up my hands to heaven and told God,  ‘I am still expecting my answer, be it today, be it tomorrow, next year, 10 years time, i don’t know but I am still here waiting.’ That is the thing about hope. It gives
us something to look forward to, it is a drive to keep living and the moment you seize hope, that very moment you will loose the meaning of life. No matter the problem, never you think it will not pass away because it will, it might take time but eventually it will pass. No matter how big an injury is, it will eventually heal,so it is with life. The best is yet to come so just keep hoping, because hope is what gives spice to life. ‘The expectation of the righteous shall not be cut of’ is a verse in the bible,which means the expectations of the children of God will be granted to them so keep trusting, keep hoping knowing you are a child of God.

As for me, the year still has 40 days left, who says I cannot get my answer before December 31st?  I still got the spice in my life. Have
you???  Keep the hope alive.

Once you choose hope, anything is possible.- Christopher reevehope


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