The conversation!!!!!!!!

A must read. What you are about to read was inspired by God. I hope it blesses you.


One day a broken hearted girl Erica walked up to God. She was hurt by God and this time she was going to pour her heart out to him, “Maybe he has been so busy to read my thoughts as he said he does” she thought to herself.

“Daddy” she started with shaky voice from a vexed spirit.

“Hi! I know it has been a long while I came by at this time – our special talk time. Although I have been around from a distance, I haven’t come by for our special 12am talk. You must have noticed why but I want to tell you why.”

“Okay my daughter, go ahead” God replied so calmly.

“Daddy, I am hurt. You broke my heart. I have been faithful or I was faithful to you, but all the things I asked you for you haven’t answered.

“Ow really?” God replied.” like what?”

“Since January I have been asking you for so many things, but you have refused to answer me and yet I hear testimonies of what you have been doing for every other person.

God laughed!

“I told you I wanted my mum to travel out of the country this year because she has longed to, for a while now but you cut shut our expectation at the point we could see it visualize.”

Secondly, our finances has gone to a different level, is it until we sell our cars before things will change? I mean Lord; I don’t have anything to fill on my prayer card because the other ones I have been filling have not been answered.

See my sister is not married and Aunty Helen hasn’t still gotten a job. . The raining season is coming and we desperately need a renovation but no! You want the rain to beat us.

Now crying and sobbing loudly “you promised me things will be different this time but it is not. The session is almost over, where will my next schools fees come from? Daddy is still working trying to make ends meet, when his fellow colleagues are retired and letting money work for them. Why is my case different Lord? Now I am also losing your love because I am too sad to enjoy our relationship, I can’t help others because obviously I need help myself. I just try to put on a smile for the world to see but deep down I know I am screaming for help.”  I am tired daddy, I am!!!!



God cleared his throat and replied “is that the reason you cry before me like one without an identity?”

“Maybe I don’t have an identity, why else will I claim to be the daughter of Zion and yet live like a failure.” It’s even an insult to your name” Erica replied

“You must know that I am constantly working in your favor Erica, I never sleep nor do I slumber because of you and even when things don’t work out the way you want, it is all in your best interest. For starters, your mum didn’t travel out of the country because she was to die in a plane crash. I knew clearly that you would never talk to me if she died so instead I stopped her from traveling. Your sister is not married yet because I am grooming her for the special man who is coming her way, I want her to have the best. Your aunt doesn’t still have a job because I don’t want her to work for someone; I want people to work for her. In addition your dad is supposed to be ill but I have kept him healthy for you to remain focused in school. And it is a good thing he is still working, many of his colleagues cannot work but your dad is so agile. Remember what I told you in Romans 8: 18 through Paul my servant- “I consider what we suffer at this present time, cannot be compared at all with the glory that is going to be revealed” do you know what that means Erica?  Yes I promised you great things but you know, no pain no gain. Behind every glory there is a story, but remember, the glory always out throw the suffering and it is all because I love you. Your school fees have been settled as well, you don’t have to be bothered. I have always been there for you Erica; you have just been so carried away with what is not happening. What about the things that are happening, you are the best student in your class, you don’t fall sick, you are highly favored. By the way don’t you like the new phone you now have? Yes you haven’t received pocket money in months but there is always money in your account. How do you think the money got there?  I am the one that brought money out from the mouth of a fish in the New Testament remember? Your birthday is in two weeks time and heaven celebrates with you, we are all counting down to your birthday you know. Now that is how special you are to me.

Whenever you feel alone, I am closest to you! My precious gem, your daddy loves you always.


God can never fail you, never focus on the things that seem unanswered rather, focus on the many other things that are working fine. The love of God is never dying, it is never distant. We are the ones that wander away from him.” Today God is calling you back home, it is not too late.


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