Have you ever experienced true love? yes…? No….? How does it feel? is it a special spontaneous feeling? some say it is that feeling that makes you feel like you are flying over the moon and absolutely nothing can touch you… lol! is that true? I mean, I have always wanted to fly, maybe I should just fall in love and get a near experience right?

what exactly does it mean to you, to your family, to the world?
To many in our generation today, love is a word you tell your boyfriend or girlfriend right after saying  good night.
hmm! I actually thought that was the meaning of love and the day my ‘boyfriend’ did not tell me that four lettered word, I will flare up because i assumed the love was gone. funny! But in the real sense, if it was love, I wouldn’t have hated him the day we broke up . right?

that is the point we have lost the true meaning of love. love is giving, love is sharing, love is sacrifice. but today, a man who claims to love is wife can’t sacrifice anything for her… today, most are selfish. That is love mistaken !! Note, love is not infatuation!

when you are in love;
you will think of this person always
you would love endless talks which will never be enough
you will pray for the one you love
you will be supportive
you would sacrifice anything
you would not keep records of wrong
you would love as you love yourself.
now sit back and think… do you really have love in your heart?
if you do then express it, don’t bottle it up. you might not have another opportunity to show that love..
Te amo..


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