Today, I decided to take the bus, and while I was on the bus, i kept thinking about so many things.
What are the plans for Christmas?What are the things I will do for my little birthday bash, what will I do immediately I get home…. I had to make my hair and I also had to do my sisters’. My mind travelled to the pricking pain, the new shoe I wore caused. I must say, I was also concerned about the safety of my phone  in the overcrowded bus.
Gosh! I thought, how annoying is my best friend who constantly pulls several pranks on me..
I took a second and stole a glance at the bus conductor.. He too looked deep in thoughts. I took time to examine him, he was dark in complexion, his eyes were blood shot and he looked pretty tired from the day’s work. I began to wonder, what could be going through his mind? probably wishing he had a better life, a good education, enough money to have a happy Christmas celebration.. then I looked at the face of everyone in the bus… every individual with different thoughts,different problems. And in that moment I wispered “thank you Jesus” .
Not that I considered myself better than them, I just realized I really had no problem to complain or be ungrateful to God. I was grateful for the season, grateful for my family, grateful for the hurt at my foot, at least it was a new shoe God provided.
Be grateful to God always, especially this special season.
Merry Christmas..


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