Merry Christmas and a happy birthday to me!!

Merry Christmas
I want to tell you all, my favourite Christmas story. My dad tells me this story every Christmas eve and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.. here goes

It was a very cold morning, the chilled Christmas breeze greeted everyone in the Mosimabale’s house. The cooking stove was already busy with a pot of rice while a pot of meat was frying on the gas cooker. a soft music played from the stereo, the Christmas tree was beautifully decorated, you could taste the sweetness of  the Christmas morning. It was the year 1993, it was a bright day just like every other year, but this very morning, Mum who was long over due for a delivery finally went to labour. Although everyone awaited the day of her delivery, no one expected Christmas morning. She immediately called out for the attention of dad who was also taken aback. Her cousin who happened to be in the kitchen at that moment rushed to assist her, while dad got the car out of the garage and they were soon at the general hospital. It was the third time to the labour room and with two beautiful daughters, mum and dad hoped the third will be a boy.

‘welcome Mary and Joseph’ a cheerful nurse welcomed them.

Dad glanced round the empty hospital and was confused at who the nurse was referring to. Not until mum had reminded him it was Christmas, he had no clue amiss the anxiety of having a baby.
mum was taken immediately to the labour room and at 4:46pm on Christmas day a baby girl was born. she was light skinned, with a pumpus cheek and big brown eyes. she had long fingers which was an indication that she was going to be a tall girl. she was a beautiful baby and her cry immediately lit the room with joy. Right then mum knew just the right name to give this heaven’s gift.
The baby girl was going to be named on new year’s day as Grace Unini Ifeoluwa Mosimabale, and because the birth of Christ brought the Grace and love of God, she was named grace and love(Unini).
well, that is the story of how I was born,  it has been 20 years of God’s faithfulness. I am grateful to God for blessing me with a beautiful family, friends and most especially the best birthday mate Jesus. so here is a toast to God who sent his son Jesus to earth for Us.
Happy birthday to Jesus, happy birthday to me, and merry Christmas to you all. cheers!!


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