Silent Words.

Yes I admit it. I am in love. I am also not ignorant that it is completely crazy, stupid of me and yet it is the best feeling I have ever had.

How can you hate something so much yet it feels like the best thing ever?

Am I doing the right Thing? 

Many say follow Your heart but I am scared if I do, I will get badly hurt in the end.

But if I don’t then I will also be waiting for something that might never happen.

You got me listening to ‘John legend -all of me’ on repeat,  my heart keeps racing for you and I doubt if that is medically acceptable as perfect health. starring at your Picture? Now that is crazy, and I am not obsessed about you. I only think there is more to us than we are letting.

Do you understand what I am talking About?  Common! Who crushes on another for seven years? Trust me it is not infatuation or ‘love at first sight’. This feelings is alive because I think it is growing with time, the more I see you, the more I love you.

I try to conceal my feelings but they keep popping out and dancing around like little children around the moonlight fire.

Funny, you are my inspiration, yet i dont think I am your motivation.

Am I worth the Risk?  I should be, after all I am risking all for you.

But I guess that is how life rolls;I love you, you love someone else and another person somewhere, someone I am ignorant about loves me.

  I only wish I loved you and you loved me equally. That is how it should be right?  Right???

Talk to me..ANSWER Me!!


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