The taunted door.


In the silence of the night, I lay still on my bed waiting for the swift slumber to sweep me off into its golden chariot. Ten minutes,  twenty Minutes, thirty minutes?  Nothing!


What’s that Noise? 

Silence again ….

 I heard it again. This time, I was keen on listening. 

It sounded like an old broken door Turning on its hinges. 

A Door? 

I stared at my room marble door, it was securely locked with no trace of invasion. 

What Then?  Was I Hallucinating? 

I scrubbed my eyes harder and glanced up and down, ears up and alert like  an antenna searching for signal… 

Silence….. nothing but the still Night!  

But there was the noise again.. what was It? 

It was not my room door,  it was no hallucination,  just the cry of my heart in weakness of constant tossing and turning. Everyone wants something from it, so much expectations, so much demands…. too much pressure. Everyone of them running in and out of this door, that I have lost what I really want, who I really am. 

Now its just nothing but an old broken door, everyone stares at it now, no one wants to go in through this dilapidated Way. 

But that is good. I now have a chance to make it new again,  trust myself, build myself, no more living up to people’s expectation, No! Now it’s time for the world to stop and Stare!  Not at the old broken door but the furbished golden art, the real beauty of the door and what is capable of.. that is the answer I was searching for.  Yes! 

Silence now….

The creaking sound is Gone!  The wounds are healed. Rest now, for the exploit tomorrow…..

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