My faraway love


The start gun goes off in the distance, every one runs with fury, fire blazing their trails. I was up and forward each stride drawing me closer to my faraway love, sitting steadily on the trophy stand, shinning in all its glory.
Thud! Thud! Thud!!
The anticipation rose up to my chest, my breath was running out but I wasn’t giving in. if I did I will be outran. I had to keep going, keep pushing, and ignoring the sweat that had tumbled over and into my eyes.
The cheers of the massive crowd rose high, reaching the heavens with the great one starring back down at the tracks, starring at me, asking “will my son get it right?”
I was perplexed. What big guy wanted was a mystery, all I knew was my faraway love was waiting for me at the other end of the track.
“Stop!”  A voice behind me said.
“Who was that” I wondered, however I wasn’t going to look back.
“NO STOP!” the gentle voice said again
“No! No!” I nudged back. “I have to finish this race”
“NO, stop and look”
Still running forward, I turned to the side and looked beyond my antagonists heading towards me with steaming nostrils and at the cheering crowd, there was a woman in despair. Whaling, mourning, deep sorrow was the air around her.
How possible was it that she wasn’t seen. Her pain hung over her heavily like a banner. Why didn’t the people around her see it?
Slowly my heavy strides reduced to soft steps and I was out!
Racers rushing harder towards the price brushed me as I walked out, my heart pounding, everything inside of me telling me to continue running. I looked at my far away love, it was just a hand grip away but I looked back at the despair of the woman that drew me like a magnet and as I walked towards her, I heard the gentle voice again saying:
“The spirit of the lord is upon you, because it hath anointed you to preach good tidings unto the meek. He hath set you to bind up the broken hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and opening of the prison to them that is bound”
In the moment I realized the trophy sitting there wasn’t mine. It was just vanity, a distraction. Then I looked again at the woman:
“This is my faraway love”


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