Confession of an oblivious mother.


It is easier to say “I am okay” and carry about a smile that is  not yours than to talk about what truly the problem is because it might just mean facing the same issues you have tucked way back in the corner of your heart.

“I am definitely hurt but I would rather not tell why, maybe because the reasons are numerous or so I think.. I am far from happy but not that you care  about that, you barely noticed my presence in the house. I must have been one of your many files lying about. But it’s okay. I guess you would have more space and time to bring home more work and be able to focus on them.

                         Good bye mum


Laura stood still and read the short note over again. This time her fair slim fingers trembled at the edge of the paper she recognised must have come from her daughters diary which she got for her last Christmas.

“Oh no! ” she stifled a sob and tried to get herself together letting the blue and pink flowered paper fall to the marble floor underneath. 

She started for the stairs, stopping half way up to pull off her black Jimmy choo shoes and continued the remaining distance up against the fitness of her red suit skirt.

She glanced around the huge hall way, her eyes darting left and right hoping to see kimy.  “she is not actually gone” Laura tried to convince herself. But as she stepped into her room, she was certain her 13 year old damsel was gone. Gone on the eve of her fourteenth birthday. She had to be found before her birthday was over… everything depended on it. 


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