Farewell to inhumanity


The old fan came on, squeaking loudly at first and then settled at a wooing sound. The day out side the little room was  extremely hot, too hot to allow you think but it was not the reason for the writers block. 

She twirled her blue lucky pen slowly using  her thumb and index finger and stared at the only sentence she had written down-

 ” the sweat beads that appeared soon tumbled down Joshua ‘ s forehead. Life was getting  worse for him”

And then stared blankly at the wall.

Okay, what made joshua life Worse?  She thought to herself but the answer to that question was lost with the real questions that bothered her. 

Love, hate, family,Life?   They came strongly unto her like a misplaced wave at sea and she was certain she was going to loose balance soon. Very soon, may be too soon. 

She wrapped up the piece of paper In a ball and tossed it in the far off bin. The paper hit the lid if the bin and fell to the floor. 

She brought out a clear paper again and placed her pen over it….


A tear escaped from her left eye to the paper.

And she figured to write what her heart told her to. She began…

“It came so sudden, out of the blues. We all woke up happy and excited for a beautiful Monday morning, and as dad drove out of the house, we laughed and talked brightly about the day’s plan. Mum was keen on making dinner pretty special for the family, it Was a happy day for us, maybe too happy to be a normal day. Dad, mum and my baby sister who couldn’t stay still on mum’s lap kept on with the noise in the car while I withdrew quietly at the back sit of the car and observed the happy scene and hoped it will last forever. 

‘Forever’, I whispered watching a white bird fly up the sky from my window, when it came all of a sudden. No one expected It,  the explosion came, like a thief stealing alot of lives including mine. 

I am still breathing, but I have been left scarrd by that day. Deprived off the love of a father, mother and a sister. Deprived of family , Deprived of  half of my face. 

 All I have left is a half burnt face and a dark lonely room. But in the midst of the dark I see a bright future, a better country one free from terrorism, free From hatred and inhumanity. I see hope and I see deliverance.

Say no to violence,  say no to killing, say no to terrorism! Let’s join hands and pray for Nigeria. There will be a better tomorrow. 


A fictional story, dedicated to all the lives lost and  affected by the bombing and killing in Nigeria. 

God will protect us All. PEACE!


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