Life’s spice


I was infuriated!  I dipped my hand into the beautifully knitted brown basket-like purse I had strapped across my shoulders and brought out a white handkerchief.  

One wipe of my face and another look at the handkerchief I knew I had wiped off half of my makeup. 

The weather was becoming unbearable.

 A cold bottle of coke was what I demanded for, immediately i got to the closest retail shop in sight, and it’s cold content was deeply refreshing against my scorched throat. Why was the weather just so Hot?  

“If I Was God I thought,  I will definitely make a conducive weather or rather the perfect weather. Not to hot and not too cold, just the Perfect temperature.”

 As quick as my fantasy was, I realised that life wouldn’t make sense if we got everything we wanted or if everything was just Right! 

A cold bottle of coke would be less appreciated if the weather Was freezing. Likewise, a hot weather would make winter refreshing and the presence of sorrow would  make joy “joyful”

 I don’t know if you understand what I am saying, but every feeling, every event, every tear, every joy, every heart break, every disappointment are rings that connect together to form a chain called life. So therefore, appreciate today, for it will serve as the foundation for tomorrow,  appreciate every drop of tear you have shed for it is the sacrifice for your tomorrow’s  joy.  Trial, pain and hurt are only life’s spice.

“Sorrow may last for a night but joy comes in the morning ” (psalm 30 :5b)

With this realisation, I gulped down what was left of my drink and got back into the heat to my destination, this time with a smile on my face. 



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