To My Ex-Wife

A perfect combination of words and emotion, this is An epic literary work by Michael  Ogah!  Please read…. ow! and if you like and would like to read more check


“Did you ever hear of Orpheus and Eurydice
The fairest mortal with the singing lice
How he played the lyre and sang like a bee
To get his wife he went through hell and the red sea

And when he got to darkness gate
He pulled his lyre and sang his fate
His voice was soft, willow as wind
And the monsters shed tears down their chinned

Moved by song they let her go
But asked Orpheus to look back, not so
But when they nearly reached earthly gate
Orpheus feared she might be late
So he looked back
She fell back
And that is how Orpheus lost Eurydice to patients wait” 

I won’t say your name today
Let’s just keep it that way
You have replied not a single letter 
Love, do not i matter?

I fear that maybe and just maybe
Your love for me shrieks woebegone 
And even though your eyes I do not see
They seem a little bit on-ice and redrawn

I feel helpless and hopeless
Trying to float on a shipwreck
Will I ever hear your sweet tinted voice?

For I am somber drawn to suicide 
A morbid body down the bridge
A bleeding wrist under a melting fridge
Just ask of me one thing
And gladly would i commit even my life

My heart is shifting like a shadow pretty one
And soon zest may elude my weak heart 
How is it that you have come to be the gravity upon which my world suspends
How is it?

Should I not continue to write you
Or should I stop
Do not these words mean a thing to you
Or do you, not read them at all

I’m so sorry
But tea and sugar won’t do today
Just write me a letter
And everything would be OK

Even a word would do
FELICIA, even a dot would do
Come on!
Help me live even for a day

God knows I love you,


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