She was unstable….

In her unstable state Laura walked carefully down the stair to her bar and quickly pour herself a glass of tequila.  

She lifted the cup to her lips but quickly dropped it with a tear running down her left eye.

 ” Kimi is not really gone” she said aloud.. where will I go To?  Where could she be? So many questions ran through Her mind but none provided an answer as to how she could find her daughter rather they puzzled her the more. 

She got off the bar stool and crumbled on the floor, letting the tears flow out like a leaking tank. 

After 5 minutes she reached for her purse on the counter and pulled it to the ground letting all its content pour out on the polished marble floor.

Laura quickly searched for her phone in a haste among the Scattered content consisting of her car keys, lip stick, some documents and the mail she had just taken from the mail box as she was entering the house earlier. 

With just one Dail she had reached the person on the other end of the line 

‘Hello!’ she heard the husky voice through the phone.

“Laura are you okay?” Came the voice again 

She couldn’t say anything admist the sobs.

“Laura? Are you crying? 

“Talk to Me!”

The only thing Laura could eventually make was “she’s gone Bill!  My baby is Gone! ” and she cut the call. 


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