Part 3


George had just finished off the last project he had for the day, better still, for the week and as he closed the document, he knew he was set for the wonderful weekend ahead. 

He got to his feet,adjusted his suit and checked his watch, 4:30pm. He was just in time to get back home, relax and pack for his shut trip to Canada. He was finally going to see kimy again after 9 years. Wow! He could feel the excitement boil up within him to evaporation level. 

He walked up to the door and took a final look at his office to make sure everything was done nicely. He had just reached for the knob when Scott his friend came in.

“What’s the rush birdy? ”

“Birdy? Seriously?? And George raised his right eyebrow at his friend, giving him that ridiculous face. 

“After eight good working hours you came up with birdy?”


Scott always tried to be the funny guy, back when they were in college. He was the guy that made so much effort to be the funny one in the fraternity, always the prank master. Those days were just sweet memories however, scott had not grown past those things.

So where are you running off To?  It’s Friday and it will be a nice night today, you know.”

“Yes,  George replied but I am going to pass on that this time.”

“Why?” His friend was becoming suspicious of him.

“Tomorrow is the 14th of June…”

“And So?  Scott was puzzled

“It’s kimy ‘ s birthday, and it’s also the 1st time in 9 years I will see her.

“Ow Man!  Am happy for you.” And Scott gave his friend a handshake. I still think the judge was harsh in her judging of the case.common! a 9years restraining order was just too much of it! either that, or Laura was such a bitch.”

“It was still my fault, I was the one who lost my job, came home dead drunk and beat up my wife and daughter” immediately, George’s  eyes were full of hurt and regret.  Kimy almost died that night scott”

“After nine years I think it’s time to finally meet my family again or my daughter at least ” George said again after about 30 seconds of dead silence in the room. 

“Yes George, you should”

“See you Monday? ” George said before he stepped out of the office.

“Monday!” Scott called after him.


George could not help but imagine how much his daughter had grown. He loved her soo much. He gave her horsey back rides back then and he couldn’t help but wonder if he could still do such let alone throw her in the air and catch. 

He was way beyond excited that he had butterflies in his Tommy.. too excited infact that he decided to leave California for Canada immediately.

 Little did he know that his weekend was about to take a dramatic turn, more dramatic than taking kimy to the park for her birthday.

What happened to Kimy? Where could she Be? 

Thanks for reading. Watch out for part 4


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