Bill had just gotten off the phone with Laura and from the way she sounded she was messed up pretty bad and needed company,  well he was always going to be there for her. 
The hour had just struck 10:00pm and it was getting late already, but that wasn’t a reason enough not to see Laura, not even the fact that as a cop he was on night shift at the station.  Nevertheless, Laura needed him and he was going to be there for her.
“Hey Jeff, bill called out to his partner who was dressed In  the same uniform as he was.
“Man do you think you can cover for me a little Bit?  I have to check up on something”
Jeff was rather inquisitive about bill leaving the station and he didn’t fail to let it show on his face.
Without saying anything, bill knew what was on his friends mind and pleaded the more..
“Please Man! ”
“You owe me ” Jeff finally huffed.
   Bill rushed out of the station into his car and to Laura’s house in the next estate, driving through the big houses and streets lined with palm trees and flower beds.
“Laura! Bill exclaimed immediately he arrived her house.
She simply remained on the floor,  eyes red and bulgy like that of an ice fish.. maybe she was ice cold even.
“Wh.. what happened ? He voiced finally as he found his way to her side. 
“My daughter is missing bill. She is gone.
She left a note an.. And she just left.” A new set of fresh tears came rushing from deep within her soul to to her eyes.
‘Do you know where she would have gone To? ”
“No bill, not at all. I have never known her friends, I don’t think she has any.”
” You don’t think she does or you never asked her or you were to busy to find out?” Bill’s voice was strong with an edge of anger and disgust!
“You never cared enough for that girl and whatever happens to her is all your fault laura” bill threw his hand on his hair and rummaged through it.
Bill her best friend,  always joked with her and sounded blunt at times but not today, because she knew He was highly disappointed and disgusted with her. And that torn her apart.

Soon a couple of cops and investigators swarmed their big home, making it seem all of a sudden too small.
They had searched the house, sweeping through it like a good maid in search of a clue to where kimy had gone to.
It was 2:00am and Laura was beginning to loose hope when a cop came up to her as she stood beside the best investigator in the business, Mr kelvin stone.
“Ma’am, we found something in the trash just outside the house”
“In the trash? Laura was curious. What is it?” Her eyes lit with hope
As they opened a couple of crumpled papers, they unveiled a whole bundle of secrets her daughter had kept hidden.
They unveiled a whole research on George billham.  His location, his job, hobbies, office address and a couple of pictures.
Laura ‘ s froze and her face went pale as the blood in her cheeks dried up as quickly as she saw the papers.
“Who is George Billham ma’am”  kelvin asked with keen interest .
After about a minute of dead silence, Laura finally mouthed admist tears

“His.. his kimy ‘s father.  My husband.

Thanks for reading.. sit tight for part 5


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