The clock of Change!


Change is a constant!
I still remember when I was taught evolution. The teacher didn’t do so much justice to the topic but I think I got the picture – everything is changing.

Change to the left, change to the right
Good change…. bad change…
“There is time for everything” bible tells us (ECC 3: 1-8) and at the right time it will all change.

I never imagined our ticking time had come to a stop. It wasn’t the battery that died, it was love gone cold.

I saw the signs everywhere like a sunny day turned dark with rain. I hoped it was all going to be a threatening cloud the wind will blow away or maybe a little drizzle to cool the heat of the day but there came the downpour, i was underneath it without an umbrella or a shade.
It was ironically ecstatic because then my tears mixed with the cold rain and washed away silently without a trace.

Time Up… Our change is here.., announced loudly through a megaphone.

I might hate you today, hate you tomorrow but Hey! Change is a constant. The time will stop for just a pause and the hatred will pass away….
After all, the seconds’ hand on a clock only stays on a point for just a second.


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