PART 5- Confession of an oblivious mother


Kimy skipped through The busy street and joined the pedestrians as they all scrambled for a covering.. It was raining and the down pour kept increasing like a racer in a marathon race. 

 Kimy just managed to squeeze herself in between an old lady in her 60s and a lady who was definitely on the big side.. suddenly she felt sandwiched in the middle and wished she could go back home, back to her room her palace of solitude, get dry and into a warm cloth probably her pink sweater which was her favourite.

On second thought, she searched her bag vigorously until she found a copy of her dad’s picture. She stared hard at it and just then she got the reassurance she needed- The moltivation to keep up her mission. I have to find you dad she whispered to herself and drew the picture to her heart. 

“Who is that?” the old woman said overseeing the whole scene. 

“It’s my dad” kimy replied. 

“Ow am sorry girl, when did u loose Him?”


Kimy was taken aback by the woman’s Statement? 

“His dead Right? ”

“No.. Kimy squirt. No his not and am going to find him.” She said with a smile

“Ow! Am so sorry darling for my misinterpretation.” 

“I hope you find him dear. ”

“Thank you” kimy finished

The rain had settled, probably it had reached its finish line for the day, nothing but a little drizzle.

Kimy got out of the shade and ran for the big bus which had just parked ahead of her.

The airport wouldn’t be too far from here she reassured herself recognising the road.

Barely two hours had past that she arrived at the airport and quickly found her way to the line boarding for California. 

She waited anxiously as the line moved slowly like a worm entering it’s little hole.

As soon as her turn came, she handed over her flight ticket and passport.  

“Aren’t you too young to travel alone?” A man dressed in security uniform asked eyeing her head to toe. 

“Ermm…”Kimy was short of words.

“Well…” he pressed.

Kimy was getting nervous but tried to be calm.

“I haven’t got all day miss”

“How didn’t I think of a situation like this in my master plan” kimy thought to herself while racking her brain on how to get out of this mess.

“Miss,  alot of people are waiting to pass through can you kindly step back?”

Other passengers had started complaining and murmuring at her”

“Get that kid out of here” an old man screamed from behind. 

They were creating a scene. 

George had just arrived canada from califonia and got off the plane. He was no doubt happy, sad and anxious, all of which combined together to form a knot in his stomach. He was anxious to see his family again, he was scared on how the first meeting will turn out and he was anxious that all will work out well. Probably a miracle. “The same miracle that the pastor spoke on and on last Sunday” he thought. It was God’s mercies that changed him From a homeless drunk to who he was now- the chairman of the STARK multinational company, it was simply a miracle. Maybe it was time to believe that miracle again. 

“Please God he began to pray but for the scene at the airport; A young beautiful girl probably in her early teens caught up in a misunderstanding with the guard.

 He looked at her and with just that one glance he felt all of a sudden connected to her. 

She reminded him so much of how his daughter was going to look when he l’d see her eventually that day..

Adrenaline surged within him as he thought of his daughter and he quickened his steps past the scene 

But something about this little girl stucked him. She was unique, peaceful and had a Gorgeous light blue eyes that was deep with love. Her long brown hair was packed up roughly in a bun and her lips where pale pink which was perfect with her tanned skin.

She was just a little girl at the airport he told himself as he walked out of the airport. ? but he clearly could not deny that  certainly there was something striking about her. 

“What could it be” he pondered as he hailed for a cab.

“No! She was probably a drug kid trying to get out of the state” he tried again to shake the unfamiliar attraction he had for her.

 George got into the cab and told his destination, and as the driver accelerated the engine,it hit him hard.

How could he have forgotten so soon? How stupid could he Be?

A beautiful brunette lady looking helpless beside the road with a broken down car, she had rolled up her hair roughly in a bun, and some strings of hair that had escaped found its way to her face which frustrated her the more.  He could not ignore her so he had parked just behind her broken down car and made sure he didn’t leave until her car was good and running. They spent 2 hours waiting in the approaching darkness for the mechanic and by the time the car was fixed and they parted ways, he ws certain he was in love. Her light blue eyes deep with peace and calm was every obvious even in the grey of the night and was still fresh in his memory.  He had fallen for Laura and just a year and 6 months from that day they had a simple but wonderful marriage at the green life garden.

 The little girl was of striking resemblance with Laura! 

The realisation threw him back to conciousness and George knew just what he needed to do.

To be continued…

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