PART 6 – Confession of an oblivious mother


“Am… am with my mum” kimy responded defensively as if she knew exactly what she was doing. ” never let your adversary know you have no Idea of what you are doing even if you dont” she remembered her mum’s words. Even if she wasn’t a great mum, she sure gave good advice.

“And where is your mum?” The fat, big bellied man asked

“She is back in the line.. I mean she went to by something” she finally said with a smile, happy within herself  that she had gotten the perfect lie and well,  it worked! The man let her through and immediately she passed through she was at ease again. “California here I come ” she said as she got into the plane.

George dashed out of the taxi leaving his little travelling box behind only to realise and ran back for it. He was in a sham. 

 As he ran back toward the entrance of the airport he began to question himself on how stupid his actions where.

What exactly was he going to tell her when he got back to the airport?

“Sorry girl but you look like my wife?”

That was stupid and so he tried to slow his pace. 

 No matter what he thought, he had to see the young girl again 

Slowly he approached the check point at the airport to meet a very short line

“No No!  He exclaimed confused

Where is the little girl he asked a young man at end of the line

“She’s gone through ” he replied in awe.

 George had barely waited for the response that he moved to meet the guard. 

“The little girl with blue eyes and Ermm. .” He paused realising he was speaking rapidly 

“Any problem sir? ” the guard asked 

“Not at all George replied trying to be calm and catch his breath 

“I just want to talk with the girl”

“Well she has gone through with her mum”

George was more anxious than he was at first. 

“Her Mum?  He replayed the statement in his mind. Even better! He would confirm everything 

“So how can I… ” He begun but was cut short by the Guard.

“The plane just took off”

George was in a muse.. He didn’t know what he was going to do. If to scream or laugh or turn back and call it all a crazy action. He just stood still as the guard watched his expressions change so quickly.

“Is there any problem Sir?  The man asked rather confused 

“Not at all sir. He said before thanking the man and leaving the airport. He was just going to make it to Laura’s house as planned all along.


Laura sat at the edge of her bed and looked out of the big window opposite her.she walked to the window every morning to have a great view of the world before deciding how to conquer it.

But Today?  She just sat down on her bed, paled faced from all the crying and sleepless night.

Why would kimy do such a thing to Her? She asked herself frequently since the incident happened but Bills voice was always at the back of her mind to remind her that she was a terrible mum.

Tears rolled Down her checks and she made no attempt to wipe it off. 

After she’d been married to George, things went bad for both of them. She hadn’t had a job and when George’s job which bore the financial weight of the family came to a halt, the marriage became frustrating. 

She just had kimy then and kimy not being aware of the situation will cry so loudly, she became a living siren in the house; Love wasn’t just enough to hold the family together. It wasn’t long George started drinking and beating her up after which he would cry bitterly and apologise deeply for his anger. He would kiss her tenderly, they will make love and she would forgive him but the day he came home drunk and hurt Kimy?  There was no forgiving! She made sure she got a good lawyer and had George restricted from them. 

She thought kimy will be better off without her dad not knowing kimy was better off without them both. 

She spent her days making a good life for herself and her daughter that she forgot totally what her daughter really needed – Love! the Love of a mother.. The love of her parents. And that she couldn’t provide. 

The tears came pouring out and Laura just laid back in bed weeping.

 “I will be a better mother God. Please bring kimy back to me. A fresh start Lord! Give me a fresh start.

She heard the door bell ring but made no attempt to stand up.

“Damn whoever was there” she thought but the bell was consistent!

 Slowly she got out of bed and decended down stairs for the door.

She was not in the mood to see any detective or policeman or anybody at all.

“Leave me alone” she began to say as she opened the front door but stopped mid- sentence.

A tall tanned man stood at the entrance. He was wearing a brown suit and trouser with a cream bottomed Down shirt. He held a big polished suit case that matched perfectly with his polished shoes. He was indeed a handsome man, His hair was nicely cut and his blue eyes shone with the sky above. Those blue eyes, the same blue as kimy.

“George?” Was the only word she mouthed finally.

To be continued …

By Unini Mosimabale


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