“Hello laura” George said with a smile breaking the silence.

That smile, Laura couldn’t think anymore! it was one of the things that made her melt for him.

” Could you atleast let me In?  The sun is scorching” he added when she didn’t say anything.

“Uh Huh! ” she motioned with her head and shifted from the doorway to let him pass through.

As she walked behind him into the house, she tried to think of something to say but his presence was so overwhelming. Most especially the strength of his body cologne made her want to run into his arms and melt in them like she always did nine years ago. She was like caramel his arms but she braced herself and said:

 “What are you doing here” her voice came shaky it surprised her even.

“What do you mean Laura?  Didn’t you get my Messages? ”

Laura just stared back at him and how his tall broad body stood before her. 

She swallowed the lump that had formed in her throat and shook her head vigorously.

“I did”

“How are you Laura?” George said ignoring the tension he noticed she had. 

“I am fine “she said defensively.  

“Of course! I see you have done great for yourself” George said looking around the house with a wide smile, finally dropping his wide blue eyes back on her and she felt her nerves tighten.

“Mind my manner please” she said hastily “do you want a Drink? ”

“Yes please”
she headed for the bar and George followed after her, Admiring her from behind.

There was no doubt he still loved her. He never stopped loving her infact. That is why he never tried to divorce her even if Laura tried and neither did he try to marry another woman. No woman struck him the way Laura did and still did.

After she had poured him a glass of juice from the fridge since he declined the wine she offered first, they both settled in a double sitter cushion and had a little chat. 

“So what have you been doing George ” she asked sipping from her glass of orange juice.

” Well,  a lot has changed Laura and it all because God made it possible. After things fell apart between us, my life changed. I could never have a bottle of alcohol any more, I gave my life to Christ and it has just been from one good thing to another ”

“Laura was taken aback, hearing George talk about God wasn’t something she imagined will ever happen”

“What are you doing for a living now”

“I got employed at the STARK company and well again God has been faithful, he helped me up to the position of chairman”

“Wow!” Laura was impressed. knowing how popular the STARK multinational company had become.

“What about you Laura? ” 

“Well you know” she began, dropping her half empty glass cup on the glass stool beside her.

“I always wanted to be a consultant, so I have my own company,  we help people get beautiful homes all around the country. I have got a couple of agents working for me now.. soo…” 

“Look at you” George said with a wide smile. ” you have done great for yourself.

Laura smile sheepishly like a small girl receiving praise from her dad.

“A toast to us” George said lifting his glass to hers.

“To us” she said clicking glass with him

“How is Kim? ” George added, a serious face returning quickly to his face.

” Ermm! ”
Laura was nervous, she almost forgot for a second that kim was missing and her dad was going to ask. She didn’t know what she was going to tell him. If he found out kimy was missing , he could take her to court, she will loose custody for her baby and she couldn’t let that happen”

“So?” George pressed.

Laura couldn’t still find words to tell him. She was once again sitting eye to eye with the man that had rocked her world both positively and negatively and would probably do same once he found out kimy was gone.

“George I have to tell you something” she finally said barely audible. 

“Yes? ” he dropped his glass gently.

“Kim… Kimy is gone! ”

” what do you mean gone ? ”

She could hear a bit of anger in his voice and she feared he would hit her just like he did nine years back.”

” I came back home and she left a note that.. that she’s gone away never to return..” She broke off with deep sobs. 

“I don’t know what I have done..” she said amist tears.” George I lost our daughter… I lost kimy” she clasped her palm over her face and her body trembled with hurt and sobs.

She had tried to be strong especially now that George was here. She wanted to prove to him that she and kimy were just fine without him even,  if she knew it was a huge lie. They needed him as much as he needed them. Now she didn’t care, she wept. 

Suddenly she felt his warm arms wrap round her.

 “Shhh!  It’s okay Laura” we will find her”

“I have been a terrible mother she said with so much pain”

“I have been a terrible father Laura,  but God will help us both to make amends” he tightened his arms around her and Laura felt so secure in them like she had finally found a strong tower to hide in. 

By the time he released her she discovered that his eyes were also watery. 

“Are you Crying George maxwell” she said stifling a giggle. 

He cupped her face in both his palms and brought her to face him.

“I am so sorry for what I did to you years back, I.. I hurt you and..and I promise I am a changed man Laura.  I could never do that to you again. You must believe me. My life would be.. miserable without you and kimy!” He stopped and looked deep into her eyes.

“Am so sorry, I shouldn’t be saying this now, it was selfish of me”

“No.. no its fine George” she said quickly wiping away fresh tears.

We could talk about this later , for now we have to find kim” George said finding bearing to his emotions.

“Yes” she glanced at the framed picture of kimy on the near table.

George traced her eyes to the picture and went to have a better look at it.

As he picked up the picture, he fell quiet. 

“Is this Kimy? ” he asked strangely.

“Yes, Why? ” Laura stood to meet George. 

“Could this be real” he said rhetorically. 

“What’s wrong?” laura was confused.

“I saw kimy at the airport! Damn! No wonder I couldn’t shake off the face”

“At the Airport? ” Laura was Shocked! “What was she doing There? ”

“I know just where she is Laura and we are going to find her.”

To be continued….


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