So much I could say yet so little is let out

So deep was my trust for you,  yet so little was the love in return.

My heart is lost in my mind of thoughts, roaming wild like winter storm

How did this happen?

Sometimes it seems good people are unfortunate

You get stomped on, dragged in the mud,

Beaten down even by those you held high.

In the end you’ll hear words like:” you are such a great person,

You are strong, you are amazing…..”

They dish compliments to you like a plate of rice served cold, when in fact it is a bag of stones to crush you, crush your bones to Dust under the heavy weight !

My heart bleeds not because I am crushed but because I gave the power out to be crushed. 

However I will heed not to the voices of the night desperate for an eye in return. I will listen to my heart that speaks softly in the quiet night saying “let go and heal”

That’s what I am going to do, HEAL!  knowing I faced my worst fear and conquered. 



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