The plane had just landed in califonia,  kimy ‘s excitement had begun right from when califonia city was in view. It was so beautiful, all she could imagine was the beautiful places her dad was going to take her to, especially as her birthday was in less than 24 hours.
As she stepped off the plane into the airport she thought of her mum and how she might be going crazy looking for her. It was none of her business.
“mum would probably be buried in all her files and numerous documents”she thought as sad memories flooded her mind.. she peeled of a stand of hair that had flown into her face and tucked it quickly into the rolled bun.

“Now to get out of this airport” she said out loud bringing herself back to reality of where she was and where she hoped to be soon – with her father


Laura was running out of her mind.

“Where the hell did she know how to travel on her own and to where ? California?”

George did all he could to keep Laura calm but could only do little.
Laura had immediately called her best friend and rock who held her together all through the nine years of George’s absence, to update him on the new development. Bill was equally surprised when he heard the name George on the phone when she called.

“George?” Was all he could ask.
“So he disappears for nine years and chooses to show up Now? Bill asked under his breath “Now when I almost had a chance with you?” he almost said but held his tongue.
“Not now ” Laura said sensing the anger in bills voice. Just come over as quickly as you can” she added briefly before dropping the phone.

As she placed the phone back in its place she turned and saw George staring at her in a way she hadn’t seen since their wedding night. She was startled and gasped for air.

“I am not use to the fact you are around ” she said defensively.
George saw the pain in her eyes and all he wanted to do was to take her into his arms and protect her, guard her from the hurt he had shot towards her in the first place.

“I understand” he said waving his hand in the air as if brushing away the thought he just had.
“I’ll go get dressed” she said starting for the stairs then hesitated
“Yes?” He replied Softly?
She smiled at him, I am glad you are here,. But before he could say anything back, she ran up stairs.

George put his brief case away in the room a maid showed him to as he waited for Laura to return and she did soon enough, wearing a light peach sleeveless top that hung to her breast and then flared from underneath. she had it on with a black body fitted trouser with a brown leather sandals.
She was even more beautiful with her hair packed neatly into a bun with light delicate makeup. George knew very well that their little trip to califonia wasn’t going to be easy for him.
They stepped out of her house and headed for one of the cars parked in the large compound when bill arrived in his police car.
Immediately he stepped out of the car Laura ran up to him with bill taking  her into his arms as she leaned in and wept.
George felt uneasy but quickly got into he car and waited. He should have been the one holding her, he was suppose to be her support, atleast that was his vow on their wedding day and he failed her completely. She was a wonderful woman but as for him?  He was even more disgusted with himself for what he did over the years.
Years had past by and he figured Laura was now a different woman! Probably this man’s new woman. He looked up at both bill and Laura as they walked back towards the car. He heard her briefing him on what had happened so far and promising she would call every bit of the journey.

Once she settled in the car beside him She looked around the car nervously and said “Bill meet George, George meet Bill my friend.”
“Friend? ” George thought expecting to hear more but he tucked away the jealous feeling he had and extended a hand to Bill.

“We should be on our way now” Laura quickly interrupted noticing the awkwardness in the atmosphere.
“Alright safe! ” bill said tapping the top of the car. I love you Laura he said as the car pulled out of the drive.

As they drove off, George stole a look at Laura she was trembling. He used his big warm palm to engolf her cold shaky ones. We would find her-Together!


2 thoughts on “PART 8

  1. I don’t grab y George is jealous,he left laura for good 9 years,and were day able to find kimy later on

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