Part 9


Good day ma’am” 

The Young fair woman at the front desk peered from the large marble that had STARK boldly imprinted on the front, to look for the voice that greeted. No sooner did she see kimy wearing a pink sweater like blouse with its sleeves rolled up to the elbow. She had on a green short that stopped right below her knee revealing the beautiful straight legs that wore a print sandals. She backed a black duffle bag and wore a necklace that glittered with her blue eyes. The Secretary was astounded by the little girl’s beauty.

 “Good day ma’am” kimy said again raising her voice a bit 

“Good day pretty miss” the lady replied with cheer. “What can I do for you today?” She asked 

Kimy shone her pretty set of teeth at the receptive attitude of the Secretary.

“I am looking for Mr George Billham” 

“Okay? Why are you looking for him ?”

Kimy shook her head not willing to talk “I just want to meet him”

The Secretary raised an eyebrow trying to figure a reason.

” okay sweetheart just have a sit right over there” she said looking in the direction of the reception that was beautifully decorated with a couch, a glass table and a vase holding different colours of freshly cut flowers. 

“Okay” kimy replied and bounced happily to take her sit.

The time ran by so fast, soon it was 2pm and all kimy did was watch people go In and out of the building, some making phone calls, others walking briskly.. she saw different suits, shoes of all colours. She was bored,  she sang songs to herself after her mp3 player went flat still no sign of her dad or any one that looked like him she grabbed his picture from her duffle bag and studied his face, rubbing the picture with her thumb.

She had enquired about her father from the secretary who only encouraged her to be patient and that they were all very busy at the company.

Kim looked around again, taking in the interior beauty of the building while fiddling with her necklace for a moment she thought she saw her mother pass and she took her time to study the sleek woman walk out of the building.. 

“Mum” she pronounced with emphasis “I want to come home” a tear slipped from her eyes an fell on her sweater. 

she was soon asleep from the fatigue of her journey. 

Laura and George would have arrived califonia sooner than 5pm if not for the delayed flight. Now  they were at the airport and they couldn’t leave due to some logical problems, George especially could not figure out.

“Crap!  He exclaimed in frustration. 

Now he was the one working up and  Laura trying to keep him calm. The tables had turned.

Immediately they arrived califonia and were about the leave they were requested to follow the security to an office for What?  They weren’t even told yet.

 “Laura I think we are in trouble some How.”

“No silly” she laughed nervously, i think everything would be fine. She tried hard not to think about the numerous fears she had as she sat beside George in the large office at the airport.

 “Where could my baby Be? ” Was the only thing she could think of

Kimy was startled! The Secretary just woke her up, telling her it was past closing hours with no sign of George Billham.

” sweetheart” she said with care. “I don’t think mr George came to work today, maybe if you know someone or somewhere else he could be or maybe I could help you call your mum or..”

Kimy shook her head at the words ‘call your your mum’ and with a down cast face she thanked the secretary and left the big building,  wondering when and where she would meet her dad.

Thinking about the whole problem again she buried her face in her palm and tried to steady herself.

George could not completely understand what she was going through knowing he wasn’t helping by freaking out himself. 

He gently place his hand on her for a while before figuring what he could say to her. 

“Laura, i know you blame yourself for this, but it’s actually my fault you know, I.. I messed up, I broke our marriage, i hurt you, I hurt kim, i broke our wedding  vows. Laura heard his voice trembleb and her heart hurt too. 

“If I tell you I am sorry and you should forgive me, that will be too cheap but I want you to know that I love you so much, I still do Laura, each passing day I think of you, because no matter what has happened or what will happen you will always remain a part of me.” He paused to sulk in air 

“Apart from God you are the next reason why I want to breath. He knelt Down in front of her and cupped her face in his hand. Eye to eye..

 “please Laura” he pleaded. “Please say something” but before she could say anything, the door opened and two official one being the hairy man that ushered them into the office an hour ago, entered and thanked them for cooperating, apologising for the mix up in identity.

“No problem” they got their things and hurried to leave. Knowing that in a different setting they would press charges for the delay.  The whole incidence was as if the devil was just trying to hold them back. 

On the bright side George thought, he was able to talk to Laura,  he had more to say but for now, that was all he could say and needed to say. 

George figured that his office would be virtually empty and didn’t want to take risks so he called his friend scott at the office and explained everything to him as they exited the airport

“You gotta help me man he pleaded. Just find out if a little girl was at the office” then he quickly called a contact at the FBI to alert them of his missing girl.

As he made serval calls, Laura watched George. She thought she hated him, she spent the nine years they were apart building a wall, blocking him out, she spent her time analysing all his offences, hating him more but the moment she saw him at her door step the nine year old wall came crumbling down leaving her vulnerable like she was nine years ago. 

But George was a changed man, she could see that in him, in the way he spoke, the way he acted, when he talked about God … He was even more handsome now, looking like a movie star with his new hair cut and carved beards.

Few bottons of his bottoned Down Shirt was undone and he wasn’t wearing his suit again, his sleeves rolled up… she wanted to run into his arms again feel the love he just spoke to her about.

“Laura?” George called out to her. ” I think we should head over to STARKS. In my opinion that should be the first place kimy would go to. Laura couldn’t think straight. She only nodded in agreement as they took a cab out the airport. 

“Do you really think she would be there?” Laura said, more of a statement than a question.

George looked up at her in the dim back sit of the cab,night was falling quickly, and he saw she was crying. 

“Yes.. He swallowed the lump that rose in his throat. “Let’s hope so Okay?  She.. ” He was about to say somthing before a phone call interrupted.  Identifying the caller as scott his colleague and friend he quickly picked it.

“Yes talk to me..” 

Laura looked up at him expecting good news or at least an expression on George’s face to let her know everything was okay but his face only tightened.

“Yes?” She pressed.

“He said the secretary and the front desk told of a young girl who had been waiting for me.

“Thank God” Laura shrieked but noticed George didn’t Share in her joy. 

“What’s the problem George?”

George dropped the phone so he could hold Laura with both hands

“She left, they lost her”

Watch out for the final part coming soon.

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