Confession of an oblivious mother (part 10)


The streets were getting busy again. Workers, already closed from Work were heading home, others were rushing to meet the next train, yet few others walking to get dinner.

 George and Laura arrived at the stark company and got the information they needed. With that, there was very little they could do than to go looking on the streets for kim. 

“She shouldn’t be far away from here” George said stepping out of the lobby into the streets.

“Maybe we should split up and search” Laura suggested.

“That will be a bad idea” George replied. “This whole problem is all because we split up years ago laura” His grip on hers tightened. “We would find her together”

Laura watched the sky and how night dawned, calculating where kim was or how she and George will work this together.

“I think this should help” she finally said bringing out a picture of kim from her purse. 

Together they started probing the streets, showing everyone they saw the  picture of kim. 

“Please have you seen this girl” they said as they went by.

Hours past still no results.

“We are not making progress” Laura said exhausted

“We have passed several blocks still, no one has seen her”

George placed his hand on her shoulder and led her into a restaurant knowing they were both hungry and needed to pass a little time resting 

“It’s 11:30pm, let’s get something quick to eat okay?” He said to her as they took their sit at the far corner of the little cafè.

A light music was playing In the background with few customers skipping in and out of the shop.

Their order of chips, bugger and soda arrived and while George started digging in, Laura could not bring herself to touch hers.

“You got to eat something laura.. Please?”

“I can’t George! I just can’t! Kim could be out there starving you know.. I can’t… I can’t eat”

Her eyes swelled with fresh tears and she quickly got out of her sit

“I have to keep looking George ” she said and dashed out of the cafe with tears clouding her view she didn’t see when she bumped into someone.  Without placing a  face she kept running down the streets George trailing after her.

“Mum!” Laura heard someone call but she thought  it would be ridiculous for kim to call.

“I must be running mad already she said wiping off the tears that had fallen on her cheeks. 

“Mum!” The little voice called again

“Laura” George called now. As laura stopped and turned around she saw kimy clutching tight to her black duffle bag, pink sweater and green shorts.

“Kimy” Laura exclaimed as she ran past George and swept her daughter into her arms. 

“Baby!” She said under her breath, tears streaming quickly as she planted kisses on her daughters hair.

“Mummy I missed you kim” said sobbing 

“I miss you more baby”

“I am sorry I ran away I.. I just thought I could…”

“Shhh! Laura said cutting kim off. Then she pulled away from the embrace to have a better look at her daughter.

“You have grown lean” Laura said stifling a laugh and wiping tears off. 

“Mum I was gone for just 27 hours” Kim giggled.

“Really? ” laura pulled her daughter into an embrace again. 

Turning around to see George watching in awe, Laura walked up to him with her hands locked with kim.

“This is your father-George Billham kim, kim this is your..”

Kimy ran into George’s open arms even before Laura could finish the introduction.

“My little princess ” George whispered into kim’s ear then he pulled Laura into the embrace for a group hug. A family hug.

They stood there on the street hugging and reviving all the lost year before George suggested they all head back to his apartment.

“Oh, and happy birthday princess ” he added squatting down to kimy ‘s height to place a kiss on her cheek. She giggled and Laura felt complete after so many years. Her family was back, and she was thankful to God for restoring them back.

As they walked down to were they left the cab parked, kimy chirped 

“So does that mean you and dad will get back together?”

Laura stole a glance at George like a shy high school girl looking at her crush

“Why don’t you ask your dad ” Laura said dipping her head to the side.

“Well..” George stopped and looked at Laura, right into her eyes as if peering Into her soul. 

“I still love your mum with all my heart, I know I have not  been around but I am ready to make it right, that is if she would have me”

Kimy peered at them both with excitement on her face. This was all she wanted!

Laura too looked at kimy and then met George’s eyes not wanting to to disappoint them both. 

“I.. I..”she stammered! Trying to find words. “There is so much to figure out George, the distance, you here in califonia, i in Canada,your job, kimy.., my business, the lost years…”

“Shhh…” George cut her off, slipped his hand round her waist and kissed her tenderly not able to hold back any longer.

Laura kissed him back, realising she had missed him even more than she thought she had.

George broke the kiss off and looked at her again.

“So? Will you have Me?” He asked again “we will figure all that together Okay?

“okay.. but  I am still keeping my maiden name” Laura concluded laughing 

“What!” George exclaimed and joined her laughter

“No way! Mrs Laura Billham”

“Naa! Mrs Laura stone Billham ” she corrected.

“That doesn’t sound right you know?” he teased.

“It doesn’t have to, and if you dont want “stone” in my name then you will have to write to my office when we get back” she said in a business like voice. 

“Oh Yeah? You haven’t changed a bit.”  He laughed “fine! When we get back” he concluded pulling both Laura and kim Into an embrace.

 “it’s family time now.”




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