Yesterday,  you past Me!

You were wearing a blue and black striped armless singlet that revealed those broad impeccable arms of yours and I wondered how it will feel to be cinderella wrapped in the arms of my prince charming.

As you walked past bouncing a brown basketball, the air was filled with your scent, as your height casted warm shadows over me.
So close we were, I could see the rise and fall of your chest in rhythm to your breathing. I restrained from reaching out to you or doing something stupid.
“Oh I wish…” I thought to myself.. “I wish you were mine.”
But you walked past, locked up in your world barely noticing me.

I looked ahead of me, staring blank until I saw another coming towards me.
Oh did my palms go cold and my feet, almost buckled underneath.
I soon forgot my ‘first’. This was the real “prince charming ”

Then I realised! There will always be “another crush” or “just another infatuation”.  Your true love will be the one person you fall for every single passing day, the only one your eyes and heart reaches out to regardless of the number of handsome and beautiful faces you see walk past everyday.



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