Do you believe in the supernatural ?
Have you heard about God?
Now do you believe there is a God?
Do you believe Jesus died for You?
Maybe your answer to these questions might be “NO”
Or it might just be “yes I believe there is a God but I can’t see him. I can’t feel him, I can’t talk to him face to face so how do I know he is Real? ”

I haven’t seen God too, I haven’t felt him just yet. I have probably not heard him speak to me, but I understand that even before I knew him, he knew me and died for me.
Ow yeah he did That! 
I know a lot of people that claim to love me but even if they say they do love with their mouth, I can’t see the love in their actions. However, someone sacrificed his life for me even before I knew who he was.

So Yes! Maybe I haven’t seen him physically, I have seen him in the amazing creations of his.

“Have you taken time to see how the wind blows, or how the trees Move? ”

“Have you looked around you and wondered how every individual is breathing every second and yet the air is enough for everyone of us including Plants? ”

“Have you taken out time to think of how the day slides out for the night to creep in and how the night fades out just in time for the day and guess the amazing part! they all work in accuracy with Time.”

“Have you ever wondered how you walk up the stairs and down without falling Off? Or how you chew your food without chewing your tongue? Or how you blink..??? Ow!  What about how your body responds just as quickly as something trying to harm you” Some say it’s reflex I say it is God’s working”

I haven’t heard God speak to me the way my friends do but I understand he wrote an amazing book and left behind for me to read. He called it his word, you call it the bible but I call it God’s letters to me.

So you see, after all these things how can I say there is no God? I understand the world is falling apart with war and suffering but hey! at least I am not underneath it because God found me worthy to be alive today.
If you are reading this, it means he found you worthy.
And trust me, he who kept you alive is capable of sustaining you with more than what you need .
So now do you believe in God?
If you still don’t,  go out to a field or talk a walk and listen! you will discover that nature believes.. and if nature believes why won’t You?  Afterall He created you after him.



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