nu day

The world is changing !

Murder and war reaches out to us at dawn,

hunger and strive bids our hunger at sunset..

I see wealth vanish with the second and love wither away like the season of yesterday.

Children desire to be killers rather than saviours in white coats.

Youths hunt drugs day and night rather than seek after the great future behind closed curtains.

Oh! the lament of the broken hearts of our fathers, shattering the silence of the wilderness..

“when shall night break to dawn again?”

when shall we wake from our slumber and break grounds to victory?

where shall a new generation come from….?

wait! I see something rising in stead…

A new nation riding fast in speed…

A Citadel !

I see a pillar, it stands strong with deep foundations holding the world together.

I see hope to the world…

I see change..

I see a new  army in zion matching forth in Valor

I see Covenant..

I see a new generation of leaders…

Covenant University.. Raising a new Generation of leaders.



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