I saw you last summer..we were all excited to be back in school.

I told you I loved your make up, you told me how I could do it… you said, “If you line your lips like this and smack your lips like that you will get the look”.

I still remember that night just before our test, we were reading together in the room with Ope and you were dozing away, even though you kept saying “I am not sleeping”. 🙂

I still remember the last touch we shared… I held both your hands in mine and told you that you will be fine. Now I wish I had hugged you.

We were suppose to graduate together Ore…but you fell off the earth.

Even though we may not see you walk into class again, even though we may not hear you answer yet another question or laugh swiftly…We would always see you with the eyes of our minds knowing we were touched by an angel.

In loving memory of Ore-Ofe Awoshika


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