So I decided to tell you all, 10 special things about myself.. Just a little peek at the girl behind the pen and words.


# I am a girl, who believes a smile can take the pain away.

# I believe that I can do all things, as long as I put my mind to it and by God’s grace.

# I make excuses for people’s actions, so I wouldn’t get angry..

# I have my moments of Laziness..

# I strongly believe Love is the greatest force In existence..

# I haven’t met the “one” but I know we would be great together 😉

# I feel a kiss on the forehead Is pure and therefore, more romantic than a Kiss on the lip.

# I laugh always because it makes me younger and healthier.

# I believe wisdom is profitable to direct and

# I know that salvation is the best thing that has happened on earth…

So yeah! I am that kind of girl!

Feel free to comment below at least two unique things about yourself 😀 have a beautiful day!



8 thoughts on “I AM THAT GIRL

  1. #1. I am a peaceful man because the PRINCE of peace dwells in me
    #2. I take pleasure in making people around me happy by finding ways to solve their problem.

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