The heavy door to the inner chamber of the Asylum was pushed open to unveil the darkness within, despite the sunlight, butterflies, noisy car hunks and the fresh air of the day life outside.
The light of the chamber was smacked on with one touch of the switch by the robust security man.
I lifted up my eyes once more to the lightening I knew would be the last, and watched as people, rich people… Influential people… The high and mighty walked in majestically to take their seats and watch me chained like some show puppet.
The attorney walked up slowly and silenced the light murmurs that filled the chamber. A photographer took a shot from the far end and the light from the camera caused more illumination in the room.
“… Battery
And murder of late miss Susie Hawthorne.” I heard the attorney read out my offense or the offense they pinned on me, an innocent man with their power, just because I am a “no body”
Hmmm! Now they look at me as evil when the same people watching should be sentenced to a worse execution.
“….. Has therefore been found guilty as charged and will be sentenced to death by electrocution”
The final decree was made and the big bellied attorney looked up at me with an irritated expression. “God help your soul” he said and walked off.
Two security men in uniforms came up, to check the wiring, setting the whole thing up.
I knew I was innocent, they knew I was innocent, God knew I was innocent as well, but they needed someone to take the blame of their only daughter who was murdered in cold blood by her father.
You might be wondering who I am…
I am a husband to my wife, a father to my unborn child and a gardener who lived beside the lake …
I am a Jesus … a sacrificial sheep bearing the sins of the stone beings called rich…
I am…
“… The priest continued; forgive this soul and accept him into your dear bosom… AMEN.”
AMEN” the crowd echoed.
A scrappy smile appeared on the frail man’s face as he looked around the room, savoring the last seconds of life and staring at the very reason he would not see his first child in the next 3 weeks.
As the last second struck, the man closed his eyes and allowed the tears flow.
The switch was turned on and immediately his body jerked and shook in several directions. He clenched his fists tight and grit his teeth. His toes could be seen trying to break free from the shackles. It was a fight between life and death but as the electricity shot through every vein, he slowly relaxed and slipped away, death quietly claiming its trophy for the day.
The rich spectators sat still in total awe of what they had seen, with light smiles creeping slowly to their faces.
“ … I am just another victim of life’s flaw, whose true story might never be heard.”
“who are you… what is your story?



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