Today, I walked into our campus shopping mall, burdened with the examination period, a little fear knocking at the back door of my mind.
“Will I perform better this semester? Or will my result remain the same?”
These questions ran through my mind as I walked from one stall to the other looking for what I needed.
I crossed from a shelf on the left to an opposite one to pick up a tin of milk when my eyes fell on another  shelf, fully stocked with Christmas wrappings, gifts, decorations, hamper and cards.
I stopped in my tracks, as I observed every single item displayed on the shelf.

Then I imagined a wife who would walk up to get something for her husband; maybe a mug for his usual early morning coffee. I thought about the little girl who will tug at her father’s hand and point at something on the shelf saying “Dad, I want this for mummy and that for baby Tobi”
I thought about my family and the yearly Christmas party in the family compound. I remembered how tired we always are after dancing, that we usually sleep in without eating.
GIFTS… I thought about the smiles on the faces of every member of my family whenever they saw their their Christmas presents.
Christmas is the most special season of the year, not just because we are celebrating the birth of Jesus and the coming of salvation to the world but also because it is the time of the year were families unite again. It is a time of giving and sharing, a season of plenty and also, that time of the year when you will get a new pair of shoes and a gown or a suit. It is that time of the year when families will sit around the dining table to toast and savor the roasted turkey. YES Christmas is a time of LOVE!
In that same moment, I realized that I had forgotten about all the things that bothered my mind when I walked in. the fear was gone and my spirit was lifted.
As I stepped out of the mall, I was smiling ear to ear, feeling the spirit of Christmas and making plans for the season.
Christmas is coming! What are your special plans???



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