Faces! There are different faces on planet earth. Now when I say a face, I don’t necessarily mean the features of ” big nose, small nose , oblong head, big eyes, small eyes, poppy eyes,mighty lips, flat lips, porky lips or kissable lips and non kissable lips… Whatever!”

Faces… There are smiling faces, sad faces, angry faces, broken faces, happy faces and lovable faces.

Do you know that everyone’s face is peculiar to them, even identical twins have different faces because of distinct features. The truth is, your face is an expression of what you really are within. YES! The face is a reflection of your soul and so when your feelings or emotions changes it distort your face.
  Do you agree with me ?
Then there Is the issue of people who are sad within but put up a happy front which therefore contradicts with the first theory .
Why? You might be wondering the answer is simple.

When you look at the mirror, you see your reflection. You see how you look at that moment but we fail to recognise the fact that the mirror has a reverse effect. Meaning your left ear appears to be your right in the mirror and when you write in reverse like this “3VOl” and put in front of a mirror, it will appear “lOVE”.
So the question is what are you reflecting ?

A happy face does not make a happy person but a happy person  can have a happy face.
Today, quit the pretence and seek to be the person you truly want to be!



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