Living past heart break


I know falling in love is a process, you meet the guy or girl, you get to know them better, you learn to love their curves and edges like john legend said and then just like an addict to heroine, you cant imagine life without him/her. Okay maybe you can imagine life but you can’t imagine living or moving on without the person. Because he/she got you listening to soft music all day,  you are smiling at awkward times And when you get a text or a call, you are smiling ear to ear all day cos your body’s got a new energy. Sometimes, your heart races to 120 beats per minute rather than the regular 68-72 beats per minute and you wonder how one person can make and unmake you.

But when all that heightened feeling comes crashing on you like a building with no foundation… You are left with those heavy emotions and no where to channel them to, you are frustrated and broken.
How can you unlove?
I won’t say it is as easy as a stroll in the park, but

1) Accept your broken state and don’t pretend to yourself.
2) Learn to focus on other things and take good care of yourself rather than stuff your mouth with ice cream and chocolate or alcohol .. Lool
3) learn to live and grow past it. remember, the strongest things are the once that were once broken.



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