Ready or not, here I come.

I bounced away from the wall in search of Kunbi. We were playing hide and seek for the fifth time that day and all through the rounds, I couldn’t find Kunbi. He was just so good at the game as he was so many other things. After about 10 minutes of thorough search with no clue of where he was, I gave up and returned to watch cartoons.
I thought to myself “the rat cannot hide forever! He will come out eventually”
Another 10 minutes had part before Kunbi finally came out.

“So you left me behind the fridge for 20 minutes huh?”

” you didn’t want to be found ” i huffed

“anyway, I still won” Kunbi announced victoriously

” whatever!!!”

That day we watched cartoons till we slept off on the chair and kunbi’s mum returned from her journey.
She kissed my mum- her bestfriend, good night and took my own best friend away…We were only 9 years of age then but it seemed like forever.

  As they walked out the front porch into the black SUV parked outside, I ran to the window and watched Kunbi climb into the car.

He looked carelessly at the house until he made out my face at the window. He held my gaze and I his, until the car was out of site.

That night as I lay on my bed thoughts of Kunbi played over and over in my head like my favourite track and I knew he was the one, my special partner.
No! What did I know about feelings?
We were just kids who were fond of each other right?
But 10 years has gone by and I still don’t know what I felt back then or what I really feel right now for him. All I know is no one makes me feel more alive than when i am with him….. Kunbi my first love.

To be continued…



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