The bell went off followed by loud cheers, jammed lockers and chairs. The last period of the day was over and every student were more excited about this bell than the morning bell for the start of class.

  I was also excited especially because the after- school committee meeting for the upcoming graduation ceremony was rescheduled.
Kunbi and I both volunteered to help plan our graduation ceremony but while he volunteered for logistics, I volunteered for welfare- refreshment, decorations etc.
   I stepped out of the class and tagged  along with Tracey who was heading for the gate.

” are you going home kemi” she asked me

‘No.. Erm am going to the art studio”

“oh! ” Was her cold response

” any problem Tracey?”

“you tell me, you like Kunbi”

“of course I do, he is  my Best friend”

“so what am I?”

With that she walked off without giving me a chance to explain.

“Tracey wait!” I called out to her but she made no attempt to look back at me. I really liked Tracey and she was the closest female friend I had. But some people are more special than others.

As I walked into the art studio, the music was playing on Max and  It was crowded with guys, some painting, others learning some dance steps and a group of boys behind the music player. I had entered the studio a thousand times to look for Kunbi that I was no longer shy of whoever I met there.

I waved at everyone in the studio and immediately Kunbi shot his head out from behind the music player and waved at me before stopping the music.
” Kunbi your babe is here o, its time to go” one boy cheered and others laughed in a mocking manner.

I started to blush at the scenario when Kunbi snapped back.

“she’s not my girl friend” he said defensively

“oh really? Bill, kunbi’s friend mocked from behind.

” more like a sister to me” he resolved before pulling me out of the studio after him.

My blush had turned into hot air.

“His sister?” I couldn’t believe my ears. I loved him but he only thought of me as a sister?
Throughout the journey home I was quiet, I was thinking…. I was heart broken..
“I was nothing but a sister to him!!!!!”

To be continued….



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