He knew something was off. Kemi was quiet all through the ride home and when he asked what was wrong, she forced a smile and said nothing. He knew something was wrong with her, even so he knew something was wrong with him.
He had never felt such rush , such surge of adrenaline within. The guys were pushing him, jesting at him and he freaked.

“Well not necessarily, its not like I am dating kemi now” he thought while he microwaved the packed food his mum left on the kitchen pavement.

” I mean we have known each other for years, she is practically family…. She is my best friend” he said aloud at the same time the timer of the machine went off.

As he settled in to eat, he couldn’t shake the way kemi’s face lit when they tried to match make them.. Or was it disgust?
Even if he felt that way for her he wasn’t sure the feeling was mutual.

“What am I thinking?”  Kemi is my sister! This time he said it as if he was trying to convince himself.

” I know practically everything about her, I know she likes chocolate ice cream best, I know her ears twitches when she is in deep thoughts, I know I love the way she laughs and the fact that she laughs at all my jokes…
This time, Kunbi found himself smiling…
He knew she meant a lot to him and if what he did back at the studio hurt her or caused the change in her countenance, then he had to explain.
  He immediately dropped his spoon, took a gulp of juice and grabbed his phone.

” Hello!” He heard kemi’s calm voice from the other end of the line which made him nervous.
” kemi?”


“How are you” he was stalling and he knew it

” fine? Are you okay Kunbi?”

“Yes! Sure I am. Why won’t I be?”

“Okay, because you sound weird.”

“About today, at the studio…ermm I am sorry about the way I reacted…”
He paused and waited for a response but Kemi was quiet so he continued.

” we need to talk.. If it is okay by you?”

” yeah Sure!”

“Long break tomorrow?”

“Okay, tomorrow”

With that she ended the call, which left him wondering, he felt something he didn’t know was ever there. Maybe it was but he did a good job hiding  it, which ever way tomorrow he was going to find out.

He wasn’t sure what he felt at the moment, but all he knew was Kemi made him feel stronger, better and invincible.. He was certainly more  happy with her, than he was with anybody else.

To be continued…



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