Throughout the day, Kunbi was on edge. He barely got sleep last night. He glanced at his wrist watch again… 5mintutes to one. The time was flying by so fast, he became so nervous with each passing second.

Why was he so nervous? He had spoken to her at break uncountable  times, they ate lunch together everyday except when he had a football match or something… But today was different! he was going to tell her how he truly felt for her. That should explain why his palms were  sweaty, his body cold and numb.
He was going to walk up to her, pay for her lunch, look her in the eyes and say “kemi, I think I love you!”

” Noooooo! That was so lame!” He scolded himself.

“Get it right kunbi!” He snapped himself back.

“Okay..” He began again but the bell went off and there was no time for more practice.
This was it! He got up and headed for the Tuck shops.


“Kemi!… Kemi!” Tracey called.

“Yeah?” She picked up her pen, trying to cover up her blank expression.

” what is wrong with you today eh?”

” nothing! Why? I am fine Tracey”

That was a big lie and she knew it. She was excited to her bones and scared at the same time. She had no clue what today held for her.
    Kunbi was expressionless when she saw him after the morning assembly.
He simply waved at her and walked away with his friends..

” God! What is happening? Did I complicate things by my reaction yesterday? Maybe I should just tell him I was feeling sick and needed sleep?” Too late! The bell went off!

She tucked in her shirt, grabbed her purse and headed for the tuck shop.


Everything was going as planned. He paid for her food and they gisted and laughed about so many things. It felt so natural for the two of them. Being happy together was normal and eternity was possible for the both of them.

“Kemi..” Kunbi started

“About yesterday..”

“No Kunbi” she cut him off. “Let me explain”

“Okay but I need to clarify something, I need to tell you how I truly feel”

This was it and Kemi was scared. “He was going to tell her she was just a sister after all and she panicked.

“No Kunbi” she insisted. ” let me talk”


“Yesterday I don’t know what you thought, but I had a little quarrel with Tracey, coupled with the fact that I was a little bit ill. I was tired and needed rest. So, I hope you didn’t read meanings to my reaction at the studio”
She knew it was a lame excuse but she felt it was convincing enough.

“Ow I see.” Kunbi sounded wounded.

” so what were u going to tell me Kunbi?”

” nothing really” he said fiddling with his bottle of coke.

” I just wanted to tell you that u are special to me and I couldn’t ask for a better best friend” he lied, or maybe not. All he knew was it wasn’t the whole truth.
“Awwnnn..” Kemi threw her arms round him in an embrace.

“Let’s get back to class” Kunbi finally said..

As they walked back to class they were smiling ear to ear but deep down they were both disappointed .
Their relationship ended even before they gave it a shot!

To be continued….


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