Everything seemed to be back to normal. Their relationship was building steadily like it did Over the years. Weeks had past since their last conversation and they both seem to have ignored the elephant in the room.
      As the days slipped by, they could not deny the awkward moments.
Kemi thought avoiding Kunbi was best so she tried as much as possible to stay clear of him until it was completely avoidable.
That was Tracey’s advice:

“Maybe he will figure out how much you mean to him, if he feels he is loosing you”

” that’s ridiculous! Kemi said brushing the suggestion aside but later she found herself embracing it, even more executing it.

  Pretending to be just friends was torture to her when she knew she wanted more and the more time they spent together doing home work, going to school and  going for family picnics, the more she wanted more of him.

“Avoiding him was the best option here” she thought to herself. And she did a good job at it until her mum came home one day and announced the one week easter camping trip she and kunbi’s mum had organised.

  “It will be at a resort in calabar”

“Wait! That’s tomorrow mum” her voice sounded higher than she had intended.

“Yes honey ” her mum said as she dropped the freshly drycleaned clothes on the cushion in kemi’s room.

” but…”

” no buts. We are going and I know you are excited about it. After all you will be with Kunbi”

” MUM! ” she screamed as she tried hard to hide the sudden blush.

” yes I know you like him baby”

” no I don’t!”

“Okay I won’t argue with you. ”

” tomorrow ??” she whined again

” if I were you I would start packing” with that her mum pecked her on her forehead and walked out of the door”

“Our flight is at 8am” her mum called out to her before closing the door.


Now she was not going to sleep. A whole week? With Kunbi? Just when she was grateful for the 2weeks holiday from school which also meant away from Kunbi.

The whole thing played out in her head. Her mum and his mum in the kitchen, his dad and hers out hiking or whatever they did together… She and Kunbi? Now she wished she wasn’t the only child and he the only child as well.
  As she stood up to pack, she felt her legs buckle… There was no way she was going to survive the week!

To be continued …..



5 thoughts on “MY LAST FIRST LOVE (PART 5)

    1. LOL! Thank you for reading this story. The story has been completed on the blog, However I am posting a more detailed version on wattpad. Thank you again for reading it means alot to me πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

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