They had just taken off from Abuja airport and the air hostesses were carrying about the normal routine, explaining the safety precautions.
Kemi had been so quiet from the moment they stepped into the airport. While her parents immediately engaged in a discussion with Kunbi’s, she simply said hi to kunbi and dragged her box to the check in line.

“Are you okay kemi” Kunbi asked. He was sitting right next to her and even though she was starring at the air hostesses at their routine she was completely lost.

“Yes.. Of course! Why won’t I be”

” you have barely said a word since we got here”

“No! I.. I’am fine,”

Kunbi peered at her for a while before tearing off his gaze.

” you better be fine, because I have been looking forward to this trip. It will be mega fun… ” He looked at her again this time more intense.

” I mean you are here after all”

Her mood lightened immediately. He was looking forward to the trip because of her?

“Maybe I was taking this too far” kemi thought!

“Here listen to this song” she heard Kunbi as he offered her an ear of his earpiece.

” Maybe I should just be myself and have fun.. Have fun this easter with Kunbi” she resolved and collected the ear he offered.

The ear piece was short, so she nozzled closer, leaning her head on his shoulder and plugged in.
Say something- by great big world ft christina aguilera was playing softy, the plane was up in the sky and Kunbi was right beside her… What could ever go wrong?

The trip was going great! They arrived and had a car waiting to take them to the resort which was totally beautiful. Kemi thought it was also romantic since she walked in, hand in hand with Kunbi. They had a lot of activities planned out: games, golfing, swimming… and they took their time in participating in everyone of them, that no one realised how fast the time was flying by. They had family games, where they teamed up against themselves and with her very competitive parents, they won at almost every game.

“My family is way cooler than yours” Kemi said teasingly.

” now that’s so not true” Kunbi defended

” really? Says the family that lost 7 out of 10 games that we played since we got here?”
“Okay,  that is so true”

They both laughed. Kunbi came to her room that night and they chatted away for hours since both their parents were out on a couples treat at the hotel . They had one day left for the trip to be over with the  final activity been a boat ride.

” I am looking forward to the boat ride kemi” Kunbi said lying on his back, face up to the ceiling.

“Really? Why?” Kemi said as she turned on her side to face him.

“Well I don’t know, nature…the wind In my hair…” He turned to his side so that he was looking directly at her ” you know like a rock star”

“You are silly” she smacked his arm lightly and giggled.

“I love that smile” Kunbi said looking intently at her.

Which smile? She said blushing

” yes.. You just did it again!”

“Kunbi!!” She pitched

“I mean it! I love your smile, and the way your ears twitches when you are thinking”

“No they do not!” Kemi defended.

” I like the way you beat me lightly when you know I am right ”

Kemi was quiet, although she could not stop the smile from breaking free.
” you are so beautiful kemi” Kunbi finally said, each word lingering at his lips like cream on strawberry.

  She held his gaze and studied his face intently. The birth mark he had above his left brow, the way his dark hair curled on his fair skin, his slightly pointed nose, the way he breathed, the deep intensity of his eyes, his light pink lips…. “Oh God his lips”  she thought, her heart pounding in her chest. He had beautiful lips and before she knew what was happening they were coming for hers.

His hand found its way to her face as he brushed a few strands of hair away. she melted like ice at his touch. His face was so close to hers she thought they breathed the same air. and  his perfume? it  was strong yet so sweet.
Their lips almost touched when they heard the door knob turn. Their parents were back, so Kunbi opened his eyes and looked at her briefly before he got off the bed.

” hope you both didn’t miss us” kemi heard her mum as they all paraded into the room.

“Errmm no! I mean yes! ” kemi wasn’t sure which answer to give. She was still lost at the sea of kunbi’s presence beside her.

“Okay’ Kunbi lets get to our lodge” his father said tapping him at the back.  “We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow.”

“The boat ride!” Kemi said aloud, finally regaining consciousness.

To be continued…



2 thoughts on “MY LAST FIRST LOVE (PART 6)

  1. LºL! The parents were just too fast. Albeit, they saved kemi of some array of sub-conciouness. Keep your fingers set for next part.#suspense

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