“Kemi i want to ask Trisha out when we resume… What do you think?”

  ” sorry? ” kemi almost tripped off the boat in shock! Yesterday they almost shared a kiss and today he was asking for her permission to date another girl?

She could feel blood rush to her head, she felt woozy as if she was drunk with the  strong wind at the river.

” I mean, I have liked her for a while but I don’t want to do anything without your permission.

“Oh!” Was the only word that escaped from kemi’s gaped mouth.

She was over looking the water now and watched as a white bird escaped from a branch far off into the wind. She wished she could fly off too. At least off this boat where Kunbi was, maybe to her parent’s boat or his parents’ which was sailing ahead of theirs- Anywhere but beside him. Her skin was hot, numb she could feel the tears swell fast to her eyes but she tried hard not to blink so they won’t fall free on her cheeks.

“So? ” Kunbi pressed for an answer.

“Kemi be strong” she encouraged herself.

” wow! I think that’s really nice, you shouldnt go for it” she tried to sound excited for him, but it sounded sarcastic.

” I shouldn’t go for it? Kunbi was shocked at her answer.

” is that what I said? Kemi was surprised that her lips betrayed her and she just said how she really felt.

” ow nooooo! I said you should go for it.”

Kunbi was mesmerized

” I mean she is beautiful, smart and…”
‘I am totally jealous of her right now” but that last part she thought it and didn’t say it out.

” and?” Kunbi said waiting on her to finish her statement.

“And you both will be great together” she finally said.

She couldn’t believe she said that. The realization of what she said hit her so hard.

“No you both will be terrible together but  you and I will be great together” she wanted to scream out.

Kunbi hugged her excitedly…
But as he hugged her and held on to the hug, the tears came tumbling out. She had lost him.

Kunbi blurted out his intention without thinking it through again,  Because if he had, he wouldn’t have followed through with the plan. Last night while his parents slept away, he was awake playing the last minute with kemi over and over again in his head.
   She was so beautiful! Her hair was packed up loosely and he couldn’t help but brush it aside as he tried to kiss her.

“Oh God I tried to kiss her” he wanted to scream.

“She was without make up yet her face shone with so much grace. Her big brown eyes were deep and intense, and her long eyelashes fluttered like butterflies against her dark ebony skin. She was a true definition of a black beauty. A true African queen! Her lips? They were naturally ripe apples ready to be plucked” He thought, as he tossed and turned in bed.
Kunbi you are doomed he finally resolved. He was crazy for her but again what if he hurt her? She meant too much to him.

“Then simply don’t ever hurt her” he thought again.

“No! Relationships complicate everything! we start dating, I don’t call her one day and everything changes, maybe I am not even the kind of guy she deserves. Maybe I am not half as romantic as the man she really deserves. ”
  So many thoughts jumped in and out his mind he felt his head would explode before morning.

“Kemi! What have you done to me.” Kunbi was hysterical

He thought of how soft and small she was whenever he hugged her.
She smelt like rose or was it lavender? No it was rose and lavender.

It was 5am when he decided to go with his first plan. He intended to tell Kemi that he was going to date another girl. Trisha was beautiful smart and less risky!  Kemi? He couldn’t risk their friendship.”

So he told kemi at their boat ride that he liked Trisha and was going to take it to the next level. 

He thought she took the news pretty well until he saw her wet eyes when he released her from the embrace.

” Kemi are you okay?” He was surprised! Was she crying?

” yes.. Yes! I am fine. I think I got something in my eye.

It was a lie and Kunbi knew so! Then it dawned on him, he had already hurt her…

To be continued…



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