Graduation was in 5 days..

All kemi wanted at the moment was to  shop with Tracey. They had spent their weekend looking for the perfect gowns shoes, purses, suits…

“Its our graduation Kemi! Could you believe it? ”

” I know!” Kemi chirped in happily.

They had finally made their pick and had both ordered for their graduation suits and prom dresses after 5hours of surfing the internet and celebrity blogs.  Kemi was lying on the bed, legs In the air, while Tracey was sitting on the couch in Kemi’s room.

“So have you decided who you will be going to prom with?” Tracey asked before taking a sip of orange juice.

“Well it is not so important to go with someone, by the way I have you”

” ermm about that…” Tracey said as she left the couch and joined Kemi on the bed.

” Luke finally asked me” Tracey concluded excitedly.

“Oh my God! Kemi joined in her excitement.

She was happy for her friend but could not say the same for herself, since she turned out to be the only one going alone to prom. She was on the planning committee and she was fully aware how messed up the event will be for someone who went alone.
       How the hell did she end up alone? Kunbi was with Trisha, Tracey wit Luke? She couldn’t think of any other person who she could hang with since she could count her friends on one hand.

” Kemi I dont want you to be alone that day okay?”

” Awwnnn, thanks for your concern” she said “I will be fine okay?”
“I am always fine”


Kemi was lying on her bed listening to music when her mum returned home and was screaming her name excitedly.
  She wanted to answer the call but again she wasn’t sure it was her name above the loud music she was playing. She had Say something by great big world playing on repeat. It was the song she listened to with Kunbi on the plane, She fell in love with the song instantly and downloaded it on her phone.

“Say something Kunbi! I am giving up on you she thought!”

He was already dating Tracey and everyone thought they were the cutest couple. Yeah right! They barely saw and they talked even less. He had a girl friend now and he could not maintain two ladies at the same time! One relationship had to suffer and she couldn’t let him suffer his relationship with Trisha so she chose to be at the loosing end.

Sometimes he tried to spend the break with her but just when the conversation was getting interesting, Trisha would show up or bill his friend will. It was as if the forces of nature were against them or something. But that didn’t stop Kunbi from calling. He tried to call and each time he did, he would tell her she was irreplaceable. Right now she felt replaced!

“Kemi we have been calling you!” She heard her dad’s strong voice and she quickly removed the headset and set it bedside her on her bed.

“Sir? Ma?” She responded to both her parents who had just entered her room.

” guess what?” She could see her mum could no longer bottle up her excitement!

” what ma?”

” your mum went to pick up the mail today and she received a mail from university of Minnesota.

“Okay?” Kemi’s heart was pounding. She always wanted to school there even now, she wanted out of Nigeria as soon as possible since her life here was complicated. When they were picking out colleges for her after her SAT results were out with flying colours, she jumped at any university that wasnt in Nigeria because she saw it as an escape from Kunbi.

“I thought you and Kunbi both wanted to school at Covenant University?” Her mum had asked.

” well I want Minnesota” was her reply.

“So?” She was eager now! Oh God please…

“You got in honey! ” her mum screamed with Joy!
Oh my God she jumped on her bed and then ran to embrace her parents.. Thank you Jesus ! Kemi repeated over and over again.

“They have an orientation program for all newly admitted students”

“Yes! yes daddy! Yes! I want to go please!”

” okay, I will call my friend at the embassy and see how we could renew your Visa.”

Her parents had shared in her joy and were about to leave the room when she asked

“When is the orientation starting dad?”

“Next week Monday!”

Next week Monday? She couldn’t believe her ears.

“Yes! So you will have to leave Nigeria latest on Saturday. Let me call and get things running” with that her dad n mum shut the door.

“Latest Saturday? That was their prom night wasn’t it?

To be continued…


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