“Where is it?” Kunbi was scattering and searching frantically.

“I can’t believe it’s missing” he smacked his head lightly.

“Where is what? Common Kunbi we would be late” Bill said
checking his wristwatch.

“I left it here on the dresser ” Kunbi said confused.

“Oh God! Are you for real? What are you looking for? Bill asked

“My necklace with the cross pendant Kunbi replied as he continued his search.

“Just leave it behind after all, it wouldn’t show underneath your suit and tie.”

“You don’t understand Bill. Kemi gave me that necklace and I never go out without it… I don’t know why I removed it in the first place.”

“Oh kemi! I see. Why is it so important  again?”

“I don’t know, its like having a piece of her everywhere I go… Ow thank God” he added as he found the necklace.
“Let’s go!”

“Kunbi, talk to me and be very honest! We are guys here.. You love Kemi!” Bill said immediately they got into the car.

“No I don’t! Okay I do but as a sister”

“Stop kidding with me .. Its more than that. I see it, everybody sees it but you”

“Bill, I have known her all my life and she is a part of my life.”

“Okay?” Bill pressed him to continue.

“Yes! She is the one I think of when I wake up in the morning and the last person I think of at night”

“So?” Bill asked.

“So I admit I am completely in love with her” Kunbi resolved.

” Good! So why are you with Trisha ? Bill asked.

“Because Trisha is safe! I mean I am scared that she won’t love me back or even worse I could hurt her so, Trisha it is.”

“That is so silly! Common Kunbi?” Bill sat at the edge of his sit, determined to get Kunbi to reason.

“How would you know if you never give it a shot? Yes you might hurt her but if you really love her then you will not hurt her. If you love her Kunbi, you will tell her and be the guy she deserves?”

Kunbi was silent! He realised his friend was telling the truth. He loved kemi and had been so stupid all this while. He even tried to push her away this past week because he realised he was thinking of her more than his girlfriend.

“Oh my God ” he thought. She needed to talk to him about something and he wasn’t there for her.” Kunbi felt terrible.

“Immediately I see her at the party I will tell her how I feel bill” Kunbi said with determination.

And he did! Or tried to.. As he entered into the hall which was beautifully decorated, he searched frantically for kemi but couldn’t find her anywhere.

“Hey! Have you seen kemi?” He asked many students but no one had seen her..

“Common kemi! Where are you!” Kunbi said out loud before dialing her number but all he got was an operators voice saying the number was switched off.

“Tracey! Hi! Kunbi said out of breath. Have you seen kemi! I have been searching for her and calling her but nothing!”

“Okay? “Tracey said “what do you want me to do?”

“Common trey! Please help me out here!”

“Am so sorry Kunbi I wish I could but I can’t”

“What do you mean by that?” Kunbi asked.

“Kemi tried to tell you but you were so busy.. ”

“Tell me what?” Kunbi cut her off..

“Kemi has left the country.”

“What! ” Kunbi was loosing his mind.

“Yes.. It was a once in a life time opportunity, she got admission to Minnesota and had to…”

Tracey had barely finished her statement when Kunbi ran out on her.

“Kunbi!” She called after him but he didn’t stop for anything.

He had no idea where he was running to or what he was doing! His mind was spinning, he couldn’t think or process the news he just heard.
He had messed everything up.. He had lost kemi.

Kemi  was at the airport and was about to board. One look,at both her parents and kemi let the tears she had been holding roll.
She didn’t even know why she was crying after all she chose Minnesota over covenant university.

“Stop crying sweetheart” her mum said as she pulled her into an embrace which only made her sob more.

“You will be fine and we would call you everyday okay?”   Her mum added as she patted her back softly.

“Okay kemi it is time to go” her dad said cutting the emotional moment.

She wiped her face, hugged her parents and dragged her little box through the check in point.

Once she had taken her sit at the window, she put on her headphones and turned on her I.pod. gazing out through the window, all she could see were lights.. They were so beautiful, she remembered their return trip from the easter vacation. Kunbi was beside her and all he did was talk, talk and talk.
She smiled to herself.
She couldn’t believe the fact she was leaving without telling Kunbi. He didn’t even know she got admission, let alone leaving or the fact that she loved him.
After their graduation ceremony yesterday,  she ran to him to quickly tell him she was leaving but amidst the excitement and the loud music playing, Kunbi hugged her and said “congratulations love we have graduated.”
“Yes we have” she said returning the hug.

“Kunbi please I want to tell you something”  she said before his friends came to drag him away.

“I will call you” he shouted back but he didn’t .

She looked at her phone and at the picture of both of them which was her wallpaper before switching of the phone as instructed by the pilot.

” I am leaving Nigeria” she thought as she relaxed in her chair. The plane had taken off and she had closed her window shut.

Things had turned out differently. She missed her prom, her friend Tracey and Kunbi? He still didn’t know how much she loved him.
“But all that is over”

There was no more Kunbi and kemi, He was her happiness but she was off to start a new life, build a future, find happiness again and love again or maybe the future still held forever for them both.. She didn’t know! All she knew was Kunbi was her last first love.

The end…

The kingdom of God can be likened to this, repent and turn to God before it is too late to make your ways right with him. Bible says  “For you yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so comes as a thief in the night. For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction comes upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. (1 Thessalonians  5:2-3)

Thank you for reading .

NB: please leave a comment and tell what you think about the story. Thank you



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