To kene:

My heart was a treasure. Shiny red,  it was a ruby.
I presented it to a prince in exchange for love, affection and a warm embrace… Was that too much to ask?
He stomped on it and returned a broken treasure to me.
  I found another prince, he was  fair like the golden sun and I thought, he wasn’t like the first so once again I presented a ruby to him. But he ruined it and crushed it into a thousand pieces.

So I  guided this broken treasure, I gave it time to heal, I built a fortress around it and stationed an army round it.

Though I was healed, I resolved never to let the fence down. But then you showed up and you were different.
  You were not who they said you were.. You were better!
The peace that surrounded u swallowed me up and I was lost in your beauty and the new hope you gave me.
You told me I was beautiful and you made me feel like i was the only girl in the world or in your world. Which ever way, I knew I was special.
Your words were like falling petals floating in the calm wind before finding a resting place in my heart.
You stretched out your firm but warm hands and wiped my tears, then you held my hands and told me we were in this together.

I gave you my heart but this time you gave me yours and told me to destroy it if you ever did same to mine.

You understood my pain like u felt them too, you! Kene! My prince in shiny amour!
So I have let the walls down again but this time I know we would be standing together till eternity.  

I love you..
                                                     With undying love…

Dedicated to Nimo and kene.. True love never dies.



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