Go Ify it’s your Birthday


Dear Lord…
I am grateful for everything you have done for me, for the gift of life and so many other things I can’t start mentioning.. but today, I am most especially grateful not just because it is new year’s eve but also because of Ifeoma  Nicole  Nwadioke my friend  and sister.

I thank you because she is so amazing.. I wonder where you got her from because in the world filled with hatred and murder, one will only wonder where a person with a golden heart will come from.. It must been heaven because it  is certainly not earth.:|

I am also grateful because our friendship is divine, remember  we bonded over Jesus culture and hillsong because they are our favourite bands.🙌


Thank you because you gave me someone who is always there for me.. like that one time I was sick and she ran up and down for me  or all the times she would make me go to class when I didn’t want  to😥😁 or how she encouraged me to be a business woman👏 or that time she helped me open my blog – yes this blog. 😆

She is so amazing Lord and I want you to bless her abundantly for me. Make ways for her and make her stand before kings and not mere men. Establish her and let her light shine so the world could see plus so I would be the proud friend by her side. AMEN!!🙏

So to you Ifeoma, ify for short 😜 I wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
I love you infinity × infinity.. you are special. 👌😚




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